Gareth Lovett Jones

Railway walks: exploring disused railways. London: Pierrot Publishing, 1980.

This is not typical steamindex material BUT a son-in-law found a copy in a Callander secondhand bookshop and brought it down on a recent visit to Norfolk. His eye was caught by the Author's name with its obviuous link to my father's middle name and that bestowed upon his wife. No doubt the visit to Callander involved the use of part of the trackbed of the once Callander & Oban Railway for dog walking or cycling, or both. This route is absent from the book which now looks very old fashioned with weed infested cuttings and even rails and sleepers in situ. The front end papers show little girls riding their ponies along a station platform: a practice health & safety-ed out long ago. It also brought back happy memories of cycling between Wadebridge and Padstow with grandchildren in trailers: now those grandchildren are driving us around.

21 September 2016