Clayton railcars & locomotives

Clayton Wagons Ltd.:

Eleven rai!cars were built for the LNER in 1927, but were riot successful. Other units were constructed for service in Ireland. further pertinent references are included with the retrospective material on the Sentinel products.

CLAYTON steam autocar trials on the L. & N .E.R.. Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1927, 33, 240.
Description of the cars, and of trials on the steeply graded lines which centred on Whitby.
The DEVELOPMENT of the steam rail motor car: new cars, designed and built by Clayton Wagons Limited, of Lincoln, for service on the London & North Eastern and Egyptian State Railways. Rly Engr, 1927, 48, 378-85. 4 illus., 12 diagrs. (incl. s. els.), 5 plans.
Includes results of test runs made between Lincoln and Woodhall Junction.
Devlin, S.R. The Clayton steam rail car. J. Instn Loco. Engrs, 1929, 19, 456-75. Disc.: 475-91. (Paper No.245).
A NEW light steam locomotive. Engineer, 1927, 143, 381-2.2 illus., 4 diagrs., plan.
This was not built for a British railway, but it adds further information on this type.
RAIL coaches on the L.N.E.R.. Rly Mag., 1928, 62, 403. illus.
Notes on liveries, names and interior trim.
[SIX Clayton steam railcars for the Great Southern Railways (Ireland)]. Rly Mag., 1928, 63, 499.
STEAM coach. Engineer, 1928, 145, 722. illus.
STEAM railcar trailers—L. & N.E. Rly.. Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1929, 35, 260-1.
Four-wheel trailers for use with Clayton or Sentinel cars. They were constructed by the former, however.

More recent references

A day out by LNER. Backtrack, 2004, 18, 444-5.
One of six highly interesting publicity handbills from the David Beeken Collection, tastefully reproduced in colour with excellent captions: extra services by rail coach (Clayton railcar painted red) from Bishop Aukland to Wolsingham in 1928

Railway Correspondence & Travel Society. Locomotives of the LNER. Part  10B. Railcars and electric stock. 1990. 150pp.
Includes both Sentinel and Clayton steam railcars which were numbered with the carriage stock.

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