Mind the gap

This is not an orginal title as it was iused by Michael Palin, but it iis intended to throw up gaps in steamindex plus a few problems which have remained with its "creator" since his childhood eighty years ago.

1. Colim Marsden: who is he? Photographer, writer of many books. Seems to lack a home in steamindex as he is apparently "post steam"

2. Why do trains go so slowly between Wroxham and Worstead that the whole train service to Sheringham is in a state of chaos. Is it sheep or cars on the line? Things appear to have returned to normal

3. Oncre upon a time railway organizations had paper or chalk notices INFORMING passengers why trains were late. Now they just happen/don't happen. The electronic messages are not as informative as those driven by programme machines in the 1930s. Buying tickets from a London Transport ticket machine was vastly simpler than the one at West Runton which never works in spite of  a contractor spending hours with it.

4. In the prelude before the 313 class served Moorgate a London Midland Mersey Tunnel multiple unit was seen at Harringay: was this a mirage?  

5. Trevor Bailey article in Railway World Volume 32 page 432. This gives the impression of late 1930s Cambridge but the Wikipedia entry for him implies a post-WW2 period at St. John's College,  but does not mention a prewar stint. Also suggests that Jo Lever and Alan Pegler were his railway tripping companions. Pegler's days at Cambridge also tend to have disappeared. Jo Lever remains unknown.