Archive Issue No. 113

Don Quine. The mysteries of Cae Abaty. Part one: historical survey. 2-11.
Narrow slate vein that runs through Mid Wales easy to split and is ideal for roofing. Minllyn was being worked from 1793 by Huw Vychan at Bron-yr-Wylfa. By 1810 this was known as Dinas Mowddwy quarry. In 1839 the Minllyn Slate and Slab Company was forned and a high pressure steam engine powered the  mill. This company failed in 1844 and probably remained idle until Sir Edmund Buckley bought it and funded the Mawddwy Valley Railway in  1856. In 1864 William Bullock, a Congleton silk merchant formed the Merioneth Slate and Slab Company and this went into liquidation in 1871

Map: major slate quarries in Mid Wales (colour)


Aerial view of Cae Abaty (colour)


Aerial view of Cae Abaty  from north west (colour)


Simplified geological map of area south west of Dinas Mawddwy based on British Geological Survey with Minllyn and Cae Abaty quarries shown (colour)


Minllyn quarry in 1925 shortly after closure


Ordnance Survey 25-inch map: area between Minllyn and Cae Abaty quarries & "old tramway" which linked them over Waun Fach


View across Floors 1 and 2 from south west & possible old exit incline (Steve Culverhouse: colour)


Stage One Floor 1 (dagram: colour)


Stage Two Floors 1 and 2 (dagram: colour)


Entrance of Floor 2 tunnel blocked at twll end (Steve Culverhouse: colour)


Stage Three (dagram: colour)


Stage Four (dagram: colour)


Stage Five (dagram: colour)


Wide angle view of lower twll taken untopped Floor 2 chamber (Steve Culverhouse: colour)


Looking down from north east corner of Floor 1 into untopped Floor 2 chamber (Steve Culverhouse: colour) 10
Detailed plan of tyllau at Cae Abaty: crane allowed wagons to be lifted between Floors 2 & 3  11

Malcolm Bobbitt. In the showroom... 1939: a motoring year. 12-24
In January 1939 the motoring press gave little hint that World War II would begin in September. Indeed luxury was emphasised on the cover of the first issue of Autocar for the year. Imports from the USA were made via Canada to avoid the McKenna duty imposed on imported vehicles. Continental manufacturers tended to export completely knocked down kits and assembling them in Britain. The major manufacturers like Citroen had major British plants which used at least 50% of British manufactured components.

Autocar cover 6 January 1939:  Wolseley Series III (colour) 12
Frazer-Nash 327 saloon 13
Autocar cover 25 May 1939: Austin Ranelagh limousine (colour) 14
Hudson 16.9 with Auto-Poise Ride 15
Autocar cover 17 February 1939: Ford V-8 SAllon De Luxe (colour) 16
Fiat Ten-Twelve 17
Don't Push! It's far SAFER TO PULL ... Like CITROËN 18
You pay less for luxury IN A HUMBER 19
Rolls-Royce factory at Crewe 19
The Safest & Most Silent Fast Car: ATALANTA 20
Atalanta sports car with long wheelbase (9-feet) & full size doors 21
Atalanta sports car with short wheelbase (8-feet) & cut-away doors 21
Hooded headlamp regulations from September 1939 (diagram) 22
Atalanta sports car wiyh Lincoln 4.3 litre engine at Brooklands in 1939 23
Vol-o-pep petrol additive to extend mileage during World War II advertisement 24
Atalanta sports car  driven by Richard Crump in Redex National Rally near Settle in 1954 24

New Brighton Miniature Railway. 25

Allan C. Baker and Mike G. Fell. Meaford A & B Power Stations and their locomotives. Part two: Meaford B. 26-48
Part 1 see xx, Principal contractor was G. Percy Trentham Ltd. Merz and McLellan and Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners were the consulting engineers. Site work began towards end of 1950. Some concrete structures were found on rock, but many had to rest on piles. The chimney was 408-feet high. 4.7 million bricks and 7000 tons of steel were employed. Harold Wallace-Copland, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Stafford opened it on 4 October 1957. Most of tthe information came from the two brochures produced for each of the the openings of the two power staions.

Meaford A & B Power Station site plan 26
Meaford B site looking towards Meaford A on 12 July 1951 27
Meaford B site looking north on 9 April 1952 28
Aerial view of construction site on 22 July 1952 bridges across canal and main line railway to carry ash pipe to settling ponds 29
Steelwork skeleton of main structure and associated concrete structures with cranes on 11 November 1952 30
Widened railway bridge over canal to carry second railway track looking north towards Stoke-on-Trent & Barlaston Sidings signal box on 7 May 1953 30
Same view as above with work in progress on laying second track with concrete sleepers on 10 November 1953 31
Central Electricity Generating Board 21-ton wagon No. 158 at Cockshute  Sidings, Etruria (Bernard Holland) 32
Central Electricity Generating Board 21-ton wagon No. 126 lettered to work between Florence Colliery and Meaford Power Station (Alan Monk) 32
Central Electricity Generating Board 21-ton wagon No. 23048 at Trentham lettered to work between Florence Colliery and Meaford Power Station (John Stein) 32
Central Electricity Generating Board 21-ton wagon No. 23 on Foxfield Light Railway (built by G.R. Turner Ltd. of Langley Mill for GWR in 1937) 33
Bagnall 0-4-0ST Hawarden WN 2623/1940 with CEGB 21-ton wagon No. 23 and ex-LNWR wooden hopper wagon at Blythe Bridge on Foxfield Light Railway * 33
Southward view towards Tippler No. 2 on 15 January 1954; main line railway and Trent & Mersey Canal to left 34
Northward view on 15 January 1954 with full wagon sidings (but many in photograph) 34
Southward view on 27 August 1954  from opposite Tippler No. 2  showing sidiings in fiinished state 35
Northward view on 27 August 1954  from  between Tipplers Nos. 1 and 2 35
Cooling tower No.3 under construction on 12 August 1953 36
Cooling tower No.3 almost complete viewed from above on 6 October 1953 36
Main buildings of Meaford B (mainly steelwork) looking north on 10 November 1953 37
No. 1 Turbine block under construction on 10 November 1953: Hick Hargreaves  & Co. Ltd. of Bolton, contractors 38
No. 2 Turbine block under construction on 15 January 1954 38
Aerial view on 13 July 1954 looking north with last of three new cooling towers under construction and new 132 kV substation 39
Aerial view on 27 October 1954 looking south west 40
Aerial view on 27 October 1954 looking east with 132 kV substation, main power station & ash settling ponds in distance 41
Aerial view on 27 October 1954 of  Meaford B Ash Settling Pond No. 1 top right 42
Aerial view on 14 April 1955 of  Meaford B looking south west with River Trent in distance 43
Meaford B Turbine House operating floor looking north on 10 May 1955 44
Aerial view on 3 September 1955 of Meaford B looking north 44
Aerial view on 3 September 1955 of Meaford B looking north east 45
Interior view of Meaford B Turbine House with overhead gantry crane installed by Sir William Arrol & Co. Ltd 45
Five cooling towers in operation for Meaford A & B Power Stations (caption notes all demolished in September 1991) 46
Aerial view of Meaford B operating on 27 June 1956 looking west 47
Aerial view of fully opational Meaford B on 9 July 1958 with coal conveyor, Turbine and Boiler Houses 47
Class 24 diesel electric locomotive entering inlet road to Meaford Power Station sidings with load of coal from electrified main line 48
Meaford's five cooling towers 48

Footnote: On 10 July 1974 "Senior officials" of British Steel Corporation and CEGB hand over wagons to Foxfield Light Railway. Locomotive was purchased from BSC (not Sugar) by Allen Civil and Allan  Baker. It had worked at the Shelton Iron & Steel Company's Works at Etruria.

Inbye. 49

The Institute. 49

Western Engineering and Motor Services. Stuart Turner

No way through: Great Glen Railway scheme. John McGregor. Horssington: Highland Railway Society. 128pp.
Saga of how Highland Railway blocked plan to link Fort William with Inverness by rail and led to wasteful Fort Augustus branch: "book is well-designed and includes a comprehensive index and bibliography".

Euan Corrie. Waterways to Manchester. 50-4
Obiously pre-Manchester Ship Canal, although scheduled for some future feature or features. This part considers the Mersey & Irwell Navigation. Most has disappeared and the Crosfield bridge, although listed, is in very fragile condition. It was built to carry railway wagons, but was modifid to carry road vehicles. It was always a non-public river crossing.

Howley Suspension Bridge just above Warrington built by David Rowell & Co.  in 1912 Google search produces excellent website 50
Map of Mersey & Irwell Navigation 51
Woolston lock and associated house:  caption notes how Ship Canal excavated material and later dredged dumped here 52
Crosfields or Bank Quay or Transporter bridge, designed by William Henry Hunter and built by Sir William Arrol & Co. 53
As above but view downstream during construction: see  also footnote 53
Lookimg upstream from old lock at Barton looking across to Bardsley's Corn Mill powered by large inside water-wheel [all dissappeared during Ship Canal construction] 54
Sailing vessel on upper reaches of Irwell (Mersey & Irwell Navigation) now adjacent Grenada TV studios alongside Manchester  & Salford Junction Canal 54

Footnote 2: Joseph Crosfield came from a family wholesale grocery business in Warrington and in 1814 started a soap works on the Mersey at Bank Quay. It was sold to Brunner Mond in 1911 and passed to Unilever in 1929,

Tony Neuls. Cheltenham Coach Station— 1975. Part 3. 55-64.
First part; second part.

East Kent UFN 481H Duple Commodore IV C40F bodied AEC Reliance on service 610 to London 55
National 750 sticker 55
National Express timetable: Table No. 372. Gloucester/Cheltenham>London>Southend-on-Sea 56
Hants & Dorset 3002 (ex North Western 226 and National Travel (North West)) FJA 226D Leyland Leopard PSU4/4R  with Duple Commodore IV C41F body 56
Greenslades 497 RFJ 826H AEC Reliance 6U3ZR with Plaxton Panorama  Elite C49F white livery body 56
Crosville Leyland National 11351/1R/SC-DP48F,ENL 919,HFM,175N on 646 Holyhead service in green livery 57
East Yorkshire 241 KUP 241J (ex-Shaw Bros. Byers  Green, Co. Durham) arriving on service 216 from Hull Leyland Leopard PSU3A/4R with Panorama Elite Express C49F body 57
Northern General 5043 orignally 115L, Bristol RELH6L with Plaxton Elite Express III C47F body backed up round the baclk 57
Greenslades 279 HOD 39E in National Travel white livery 57
East Yorkshire 157 ex National Travel (North West) and North Western DDB 157C  Leyland Leopard PSU3/3RT with Alexander Y-type DP49F body on 216 from Hull 57
On Clarence Street National Travel (South East) LWC 980J with  Plaxton Panorama  Elite II C47F on 183 EASTLANDER service 57
Heyfordian (Smith of Upper Heyford) YWL 135K AEC Reliance 6U3Z7R with  Plaxton Panorama  Elite II C51F body turning off St. Margaret's Road 58
Northern General 5060 GGR 408N Leyland Leopard PSU3C/4R with Plaxton Elite Express III C47F body in re-fueling bay on West Country & Lands End tour 58
Greenslades 252 still in pre-NBC livery CFJ 894C AEC Reliance 2U3RA with Duple Commander C44F body with probably 16.30 for Paignton 58
Tricentrol Ford R1114 TXD 697L with Duple Dominant C53F body arriving on 183 EASTLANDER service about to turn in off St. Margaret's Road 58
Wallace Arnold HWU 62N long Leyland Leopard PSU5B/4R with Plaxton Panorama Elite III C57F body emerges from re-fueling bay on South West Clipper service 58
United 1294 NHN 794K Bristol RELH6G with  Plaxton Panorama  Elite II C45F parked waiting to go on to Bay 1 for 14.30 396 Newcastle service but going to Sunderland 58
Red & White  AAD 245B 145 (formerly 245) Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R with Plaxton Panorama II C47F body 59
South Wales 470 HCY 470N AEC Reliance 6U2R with Duple Dominant Express C51F body in NBC dual purpose red libvery on 620 Llanelli service probably from Swansea 60
East Yorkshire 160 NHN 415E Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R with  Plaxton Panorama I C51F body (originally ordered by Wilkinson Motors of Sedgefield, but delvered as United 1200 60
South Wales 134 UWN 47H AEC Reliance 6MU4R with C41F body on 20 Llanelli service (inherited from Thomas Bros of Port Talbot) 60
Midland Red 2056 AAC 21B former Stratford Blue 56 Leyland Leopard L2 with  Plaxton Panorama C41F body 60
Oxford/South Midland 34 UMO 690G Bristol LH6L with Duple Commander C41F body probably from Oxford/ about to turn  off St. Margaret's Road 60
Royal Blue 2301 861 UAE former Bristol Greyhound 2115 about to depart on 11.30 731 Hannafore service for Bath and Looe 60
National Travel (South East) XVW 634L Bristol RELH6G with  Plaxton Panorama  Elite III C44F body probably on Tour 14 for Wales in re-fueling bay 61
Wessex RHT 918G in pre-NBC red livery Bedford VAM70 with Duple Viceroy C45F body probably arriving from Bristol 61
Essex County Coaches Gallleon Tours HME 340N AEC Reliance 6U3ZR with Plaxton Panorama Elite III C53F body on tour No. 12A to Cotswolds, Wye Valley and Wales 61
Crosville ERG281 YFM 281L bus liveried Bristol RELL6G with DP50F body on 646 Holyhead service 62
Everall Group Worthington Motor Tours Ford R192 JOA 271E with Duple Viceroy C45F body on 14.30 649 Birmingham service via Evesham, Redditch & Bromsgrove 62
Greenslades 285 AFJ 59B AEC Reliance 2MU4AR with Harrington Grenadier C41F body on service 730 from Paignton 62
United Counties 196 LXD 424K short Ford R192 with Elite Express II C45F body in dual-purpose green livery on 183 EASTLANDER service from Ipswich (or probably Luton) 62
Wallace Arnold HWU 76N Leyland Leopard PSU3C/4R with Duple Dominant C53R body waiting return on SOUTH WEST CLIPPER for Wakefield and Leeds 62
Royal Blue 617 DDV Bristol MW6G with ECW C39F  on 11.30 731 departure for Looe 62
Greenslades 271 EOD 31D AEC Reliance 2U3RA with Harrington Grenadier C49F body next to dead Daimler 63
Pulham's of Bourton-on-the-Water KDF 856P Bedford YRQ with  Plaxton Panorama Express III C45F body on hire to National 63
Yates of Runcorn JFM 285N AEC Reliance 6U3ZR with  Plaxton Panorama  Elite III C51F body probably going to Bournemouth turniing off St. Margaret's Road 63
Black & White Mootor Ways 182 KDD 282E Leyland Leopard PSU3/3RT with Plaxton Panorama I C47F body going to Great Yarmouth 64