WATER (Kevin)

What do you want?
I want Faith
The dialogue between an Adult
And a priest receiving
Someone into Baptism
By pouring water upon the head
Signifying God's gift of grace
Then a candle is lit
To show the illuminating power of Faith
For only through this Divine intervention
Can we participate in God's transforming power

Why water?
It is fundamental to all life, all growth
Health, and without it we wither and die
Water is central to Walsingham
Where a Sacred Well flows marking
Mary's assent to be the Mother of God
And to point us towards her Son
And like Lourdes and Fatima
Associated with healing and reconciliation

Healing of the body
Healing of the mind
and healing of the soul
Walsingham is a spiritual beacon
In a barren spiritual land
Where candles blaze
In Hope for the sick
Those with terminal cancer
Those far too young to die
If I but touch the hem of His garment
If I but whisper in His Mother's ear
She will be released
From pain and weariness

The tiny ancient Slipper Chapel was packed
With those in deep prayer
Profound in their devotion
To the Blessed Sacrament
Christ on the altar
To fill in a paper slip
Would disturb the peace
With her name on it
And why bother?
Within an hour
He will be on my tongue