D.S.M. Barrie

Former Fleet Street journalist brought into the LMS in 1932 to organize public relations and publicity (see Whitehouse and St John Thomas LMS 150 which also includes a significant amount of Barrie's superb writing. He was the Author of several Oakwood Press histories of railways in South Wales. He eventually rose to become the General Manager of the Eastern Region.

Modern locomotives of the L.M.S. London: LMS, [1937]. 34pp. + 12 plates
Ottley 6825 (not in Jones): see also advertisement by The Locomotive Publshing Co. in Rly Mag., 1938, 83 (493 July) p. xv where notes that Coronation is in colour, and letter Backtrack, 2007, 21, 125 (letter by Paul Ross),

Rhymney Railway