Bertram Baxter

Stone blocks and iron rails. Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1966. 272pp. incl. plates. Gazetteer. Bibliog.
Vaaguely autobiographical in parts where he describes the joy of finding former lines by looking at the landscape carefully.

British Locomotive Catalogue, 1825-1923. edited David Baxter
Volume 1. General summary. Index of locomotive-owning companies. 1977. 88pp.
Ottley 10400
Volume 2A. London & North Western Railway and its constiuent companies. 1978. 180pp.
Ottley 10400
Volume 2B. London & North Western Railway and its constiuent companies. 1979. pp. 185-395.
Ottley 10400
Volume 3A. Midland Railway and its constituent companies. 1982. 239pp.
Volume 3B. Lancashire & Yorksxhire Railway and its constituent companies. 1982. 135pp.
Volume 4. Scottish and remaining English companies in the LMS Group. 1984. 310pp.
Volume 5A. North Eastern Railway; Hull and Barnsley Railway. 1986. 272pp.
One of the problems of citing Baxters' work is that the information is extremely dense and much relates to fine detail, such as the fitting of steam brakes or "Kendal cabs" yet lacks a great deal of the constructional detail found in Hoole or in the RCTS Locomotives of the LNER. Nevertheless, it does fill a major gap as both Hoole and even MacLean were mainly concerned with locomotives extant at a particular time. Their citations to earlier works are sadly incomplete.
Volume 5B. Great Northern Railway and Great Central Railway. 1988.
Copy located in Derbyshire County Library OPAC. Not in BLPC.

This is a problem work: there were intended to be eight volumes: Volume 6 would have covered the Great Eastern and North Britisah; Volume 7 the Great Western and LSWR and Volume 8 the remaining Southern companies (information from rear cover Volume 3A and Volume 4). Volume 5A has been seen. Not in Ottley supplement. BLPC vague.

All published Moorland Publishing Co. Ashbourne: All were near-print format.