Index to The Railway Magazine compiled by J.M. Campbell

An e-mail correspondent noted that steamindex did not contain any mention of Campbell's Index to the Railway Magazine, 1897-1957 and suggested that it should be scanned and added to Steamindex.  It is in Ottley at 141 and 7891, but is not in Jones's Steam locomotive development nor in his student bibliographical effort. Ottley 7891 is reproduced below.

7891 CAMPBELL, J. M. Index to the Railway Magazine, 1897-1957. [1958.] c. 500 pp. Typescript. BR
Compiled for the use of the staff of B.T.C. Historical Records (now British Railways Board Historical Records). Three copies only; at London, York and Edinburgh.
A very detailed and accurate analysis of articles and significant smaller items arranged alphabetically by subject. Since Mr. Campbell's retirement from the B.T.C. in 1960 a continuation has been maintained on cards.
The Railway Magazine issues an index at the completion of each volume, but no general index has been published.

On a recent visit to the NRM Kevin inspected the the three bound volumes of the index, although time precluded a more thorough examination. Furthermore, there is a sequel (entitled Part II) edited by E.H. Fowkes which covers the period 1958-1970 and was presumably based on the cards mentioned by Ottley. This part does not appear to be listed in Ottley or its supplementary volumes.

The index is of the alphabetico-classified type with headings, such as "Accidents" and "Locomotives" which appear to produce quite long listings without sub-divisions. Some names are included as headings, but reviews appear to be excluded. The names of the artcles (with authors) and volume and page numbers form the actual entries. According to Fowkes the entries were a "personal selection" made by Campbell. The copy at York is an early xerographic copy and the typewriter used appeared to be basic: thus scanning would be difficult.