Pendred dynasty and The Engineer (periodical)

Vaughan Pendred
Born in Ireland in 1836?. Came to England in 1862 and obtained a position in a small Staffordshire engineering firm which made traction engines and agricultural machinery. Became editor of the Mechanic's Magazine and in 1865 succeeded Zerah Colburn as Editor of The Engineer.

Pendred, Loughnan St Lawrence
Born 1870; died 20 November 1953. Educated private school and Central Institution and Technical College, Finsbury. Served apprenticeship with Davey, Paxman & Co., Colchester; improver at the works of Van den Kerchove, Ghent, and the Chemin de Fer de l’Ouest, Paris and Rouen; ordnance works of Sir W.G. Armstrong, Whitworth & Co., at Elswick, 1893–96; sub-editor of The Engineer, 1896. Editor of The Engineer, 1905–46;
President Institution of Mechanical Engineers: 1930–31; Presidential Address: Proc. 1930. 119, 943.
President Newcomen Society, 1923 and 1930; CBE 1934