J.W.P. [John Westbury Peter] Rowledge

Austerity 2-8-0s & 2-10-0s. Shepperton: Ian Allan. 1987. 144pp.
Engines of the L.M.S. built 1923-1951
. Oxford: OPC, 1975. 108pp + plates (86 illus.)
A pocketbook: includes drawings (side elevations) of all types built/supplied to the LMS including the Sentinel railcars. Notes on the Company's far from standard boilers. Tenders, 8F locomotives supplied during WW2. Photographic illustrations of most types.
Heavy goods engines of the War Department.
Poole: Springmead Books, 1977/78.3v.
Ottley 10491: V. 2 covers 8F type
Ireland. Penryn: Atlantic, 1995. (Regional History of Railways. No. 16)
Needless to say not in Norwich Millennium no book "library" although flights to Ireland are available from local "airstrip"
The Irish steam loco. register. Stockport: Irish Traction Group, 1993.
This book is extremely short of navigational aids: thus the Dublin & Kingstown Railway (an Irish landmark) is treated on page 86, but the contents listing (there is no index) places the user no nearer than somewhere between page 57 and 115. Once the Irish page is complete this deficiency will be rectified.
The LMS Pacifics. Newton Abbot: David & Charles. 1987. 96pp. illus., tables, diagrs. (Locomotive Monograph Series)
Author was a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, who had served his apprenticeship at Crewe Works. The book contains several items which do not appear to have been covered elsewhere, notably a proposal to streamline the Princess Royal Pacifics includes cowl arrangement for proposed streamlining; 4-6-4 streamlined; detailed working diagram for streamlined Coronation; clear views of initial tenders for Princess Royal (full width); eight-wheel tender proposed for last two Coronations (similar to WD 2-8-0). Includes general arrangement drawings for Macintosh, Hughes; Fowler (compound) and 2-8-2; 3-cylinder Princess Royal; initial arrangement of Turbomotive.
The Maunsell Moguls. Oakwood, 1976. (Locomotion Papers No. 99). 64pp.
A highly useful summary of this convoluted collection of locomotives, including the 2-6-4T designs and those supplied to the Metropolitan Railway and to Irish railways.
with Brian Reed
The Stanier 4-6-0s of the LMS. (the Jubilees, class 5s and the BR Standard class 5s). Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1977. 96pp.
The turf burner: Ireland's last steam locomotive design. Billericay (Essex): Irish Railway Record Society, 1972.
Excellent diagrams: extremely concise