Ernie Shepherd: railway biographer

The construction of this webpage is proving to be extremely difficult as it has been impossble to see the Author's earlier work, namely histories of three Irish railways, one of which was well-reviewed and most of which were published by reputable publishers in Mainland Britain rather than in the depths of some Irish peat bog. One would not expect such works to be in Breckland PL, but so far efforts to obtain them through the inter-library loan system have failed. It may be noted that KPJ was in his youth in-charge of the request service in probably the largest county library service at that time when the Inter-Library Loan System worked like clockwork and before feminist librarians used the system to boost the sales of their sisters' tripe. England needs an English Central Library, preferably with direct access over the Internet. If the Author finds this he might attempt to assist. His biography of the Attock/Atock family is one of the few true biographies of a railway engineer, or in this case a family of engineers. It meets most of KPJ's criteria, although it is a pity that the index is rather mean. 

Shepherd, Ernie. The Atock/Attock family: a worldwide railway engineering dynasty. 2009. 264pp. (Oakwood Library of Railway History No. 150)

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