Stephenson Locomotive Society

Caledonian Railway centenary (1847-1947). London, SLS, 1947. 75p. + 2 folding plates
A Centenary celebration, 1909-2009. 87pp.
Pamphlet format: includes leading characters in its formation and development; its preservation of Stroudley 0-4-2 Gladstone; the Society's Library, the Journal, Railtours
The Glasgow and South Western Railway., 1850-1923. London, 1950. 60p. + plates.
Locomotives of the North British Railway 1846-1882. 1970, 106pp.
Railway progress, 1909-1959. v.1. London, S.L.S., [1960]. [viii], 139 p. + 24 plates. 65 illus., 2 tables.
A review of locomotive development: mostly British, mainly steam.
Railway progress, 1909-1959. v.2. London, S.L.S., [1960]. 141-224pp.
Numbered in sequence with Volume 1. Contents: Railway Signalling Development: Overseas Steam Locomotives (Part 2): American Diesel Development; Diesel Traction in Ireland; Rolling Stock; British Pullman Car Services; Train Services: Railway Operating; Railway Steamers; Road Motor Services; Development of Locomotive Superheating; The Development of Permanent Way. Very damning review by HS in Rly Wld, 1964, 25, 118 who complained of many errors..

The Society also produces a Journal, some of which was included in Steam Locomotive Development: more needs to be added.

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