John Francis Gairns

Born 1876. Died in London on 10 December 1930. (Obit.: J. Instn. Loco. Engrs., 1931, 21,, 4) Author of several J. Instn Loco. Engrs papers. Editor of Railway Magazine from 1910 and author of several books.

Fifty years of locomotive building, 1864-1914 in Jubilee of the Railway News, 1864-1914. pp. 38-66.
Ottley 2845

Locomotive compounding and superheating. Charles Griffin. 1907.
Probably seen in Mitchell Library, Glasgow. Not in Ottley. Not mentioned by J,T, Van Riemsdijk. Considers two-cylinder, three-cylinder and four-cylinder types (the last with both four and two cranks); tandem compounds; articulated compounds; tripple-expansion and superheated steam. Innovators included: Riekie (modified Webb), Worsdell, von Borries, Webb, de Glehn and Hughes and Ivatt. Reviewed in Locomotive Mag., 1907, 13, 74

Railways for all. 1923. 384pp.

Superheating on locomotives: the why and the wherefore. 1911. 99pp.
Ottley 3005

Superheating on locomotives: the why and the wherefore. 2nd ed. 1914. 120pp.
Ottley 3005