Malcolm Reed: scholarly historian

The London & North Western Railway: a history. Penryn: Atlantic. 1996. 248pp.
Extensive bibliography; better than average index, perhaps excessively condensed. One of the very best books on railways in the past two decades (2008)

Railways in the Victorian economy: studies in finance and economic growth. Newton Abbot: David & Charles. 1969. 231pp.
Reed was the Editor of book based on material stored in British Transport Historical Records. Most of the individual papers were also published elsewhere.
The coming of the railway and United Kingdom economic growth. B.R. Mitchell
The railways and the iron industry: a study of their relationship in Scotland. Wray Vamplew. 33-75
Includes interesting statistics on the Caledonian Railway's sources of rails (Darlington Iron Co. was dominant supplier), the NBR's purchases of steel rails where Workington and Sheffield were dominant, and investment by ironmasters in railways both in terms of physical and financial links. William Baird became the chairman of the CR.
Pricing policy of railways in England and Wales before 1881. G.R. Hawke
The Great Western Railway and the Swindon Works in the Great Depression. D.E.C. Eversley, 111-37.
Aspects of railway accounting before 1868. Harold Pollins
Railways and the growth of the capital market. M.C. Reed
The sources of railway share capital. S.A. Broadbridge
Railway contractors and the finance of railway development in Britain. Harold Pollins