Locomotive Railway Carriage & Wagon Review
Volume 62 (1956)

key file

Number 762 (February)

Trends in British Transport. 19-20.
Resumé of of a paper presented to the Institute of Traansport by David Blee which covered all aspects of transport, but only that relating to railways was included here.

American tank wagon. 20. 2 illustrations.
A.C.F. Industries completed tank wagon for Ohio-Apex Division, Food, Machinery and Chemical Corporation to convey phosphorus oxychloride and therefore constructed of nickel-clad steel

The future of B.R. workshops. 20.

Modified "Merchant Navy" 4-6-2 locomotives. 21-4. 3 illustrations, diagram (side elevation)

East African Railways model locomotive. 24.
Members of the Masai tribe gaze at large scale model of first locomotive to work on Uganda Railways at Mombasa.

E.E.C. traction orders in 1955. 24.

Inverurie Works improved facilities. 25-6. illustration
Replacement of overhead cranes including one of 100-tons capacity

2-6-2T for colliery railway in Australia. 26. illustration, diagram (side elevation)
Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd design for Hebburn Ltd of New South Wales

Electrification of Austrian-Yugoslav railway link. 26
Rosenbach to Jesenice line proposal

Angola railway project. 26
To link Luanda with Panguila.

John L. Buckland. New South Wales Railways' Centenary. 27-8. 4 illustrations,
On 26 September 1956 a monument was unveiled by the Governor, Sir John Northcott. The first railway connected Sydney with Parramatta, 13½ miles distant. There were then 6100 route miles, including 193 miles electrified and electrification was being extended to Lithgow.

Hudswell, Clarke 0-6-0T for N.C.B. 28. illustration.
18 x 24in cylinders, 4ft coupled wheels, 894ft2 boiler heating surface, 17.9ft2 grate area.

Hoffmann roller bearing axleboxes. 29-31. 3 illustrations, 3 diagrams

G.E.C. equipment for transport in 1955. 31

Crompton Parkinson. 31

British Railways locomotives, 1955. 32-4. 2 tables
Statistics of locomotives: diesel electric, electric, diesel mechanical, diesel hydraulic, gas turbine and petrol, and steam divided by Whyte notation, plus notes (e.g.Clans authorised "not yet laid down" and Holden's tram locomotives had all gone).

Wolverton Works Manager. 34.
Geoffrey W.G. Tew appointed Works Manager at Wolverton; formerly at Swindon; originally a pupil of Collett and holder of a Cambridge degree

German Railways. 34
Eastern Zone Class 25 2-8-0 and Class 65 2-8-4T with 1600mm couplrd wheels, 600 x 660mm cylinders and 16kg/cm2 boiler pressure

Australian break of gauge. 35. illustration

More B.R. camping coaches. 36

Vale of Rheidol Railway. 36
To reopen for summer season in 1956.

Correspondence. 38

Austerity locomotives in Sweden. L. Derens.
Refers to November issue illustration

Number 769 (September 1956)

The Institution and its members. 159-60.
Presidential Address to Institution of Locomotive Engineers by J.F.B. Vidal who outlined history of the Institution

B.R. wagon orders. 160
Contracts placed with Pressed Steel Co. for 422 bogie utility vans and with Head Wrightonn & Co. Ltd for four 40-ton Flatrol wagons.

"Sentinel" oil-fired locomotive. 161-3. illustratiion, diagram (side, front & rear elevations, plan)
0-6-0 for heavy industrial use

Mr. H. Wilmot, Chairman of B.I.M. Council. 163 . illustration (portrait)

Western Uganda Extension, E.A.R. 163.

L.M.R. Mersey and Wirral electric stock. 164-5. 2 illustrations

Pressed Steel Company Limited. 166-7. 5 illustrations
16-ton mineral wagons being built at rate of 280 per week at the Linwood plant; also 20-ton bulk grain wagons

International Electric Tool Conference. 167.
Recently held in London

British Railways. 167
New locomotives placed in service:
Eastern Region: Class 4 2-6-4T Nos. 80141-2; diesel-mechanical shunters Class DJ13 No. 11142, DJ14 Nos. 11177-8
London Midland Region: 0-6-0 204 hp diesel-mechanical shunter No. 11148
North Eastern Region: Class 9 2-10-0 Nos. 92097-8
Western Region: Class 5 4-6-0 Nos. 73125-6; 350 hp diesel-electric shunters Nos. 13261-2

H.K. Stockklausner. Polish State Railways (P.K.P.) locomotives. 168-70.  4 illustrations
Pt47 2-8-2; O1 class 2-6-2; Ty 51 class 2-10-0 and Tkt148 class 2-8-2T illustrated

O.S. Nock. Further W.R. locomotive developments. 170-1. table