Journal of the Stephenson Locomotive Society

[Broughton to Talla Reservoir railway]. Harold D. Bowtell. 1966, Oct.

Volume 50: 1974

The North British Locomotive Company collection of the Mitchell Library [Glasgow]. Don Martin. (585), 107-11.
Under 10 C.M.E.s - No. 2. R.W. Urie. E.A. Langridge. (593), 339-47.
as viewed from the lowly rungs of an apprenticeship.

Volume 51: 1975

The North British tests a Midland compound. Part 1. Alan G. Dunbar. (596), 70-4.
Reprinted in corrected form (597), 101-8.
The North British tests a Midland compound. Part 2. Alan G. Dunbar. (597), 111-18.
Follows Thomas's book on North British Atlantics.
Professor Tuplin's contribution to the study of locomotives. W. Skeat. (605), 36-73.

Volume 52: 1976

Professor W.A. Tuplin. A.F. Cook. (607) 61.
Apologizes for stating that Tuplin's father was an engine driver.
Some notes on the Yorkshire Engine Company. C.B. Harley. (608) 70-84.
Under 10 C.M.E.s - No. 2. R.W. Urie. Part 2. E.A. Langridge. (609) 102-11.
In Drawing Office during 1918 when the S15 was designed. Finlayson was encountered. Notes on balancing of G16 4-8-0T.
Professor W.A. Tuplin? J.N.C. Law. (609) 120.
Compares the deep firebox of George V with that of a Prince of Wales: the firebox heating area of the former was much greater (161.7 ft2) than the latter's (133.3 ft2), although the former had a smaller grate area (22.4 ft2) as against 25 ft2. The former was capable of greater power outputs (1250 ihp) as against 1150 ihp. The George V had a more efficient firebox in terms of combustion.
Under 10 C.M.E.s - No. 3. H. Fowler (MR). E.A. Langridge. (614) 268-76.

Volume 53: 1977

Under 10 C.M.E.s - No. 4. Hughes. E.A. Langridge. (628), 330-8.

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