Junior Institution of Engineers

This not very satisfactory page is based on material gleaned from the Internet and referrences to a few papers set out below. The body was formed iin 1902 and ceased in 1971 when it was absorbed into the Institution of Engineering & Technology. A journal exists with typical bound volumes available for sale at places like Barter Books. There are parts (issues) somewhere in the grand muddle of Kevin's papers. Below are listed papers which have been cited or seen.

R.A. Riddles. "Coronation Scot"—a railway development. J. Rec. Trans. jr Instn Engrs, 1947/48, 58, 98-104.
Jones described "This is an unusualpaper in that it is a very personal account... written before he had retired": it is a vivid, informal description of the test run of No. 6220 Coronation in 1937. During this run a speed of 114 mile/h was attained immediately south of Crewe and this resulted in a very fast approach to the station. Crockery was broken in the dining car and there was some damage to the points, but Riddles treats the subject as one of adventure. The subsequent American trip is also described with gusto. This coloured both KPJ's impression of Riddles and of the Junior Institution of Engineers!

L.P. Walter. Atmospheric railways. (paper presented to Junior Institutiion of Engineers). Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 182.
This may be an important missing paper