Railway World
Volume 29 (1968)

Key file

Number 334 (March 1968)

Cecil J. Allen. The "Britannia" Pacifics: Locomotive running past and present —No. 186. 104-11.
General features of the design; the remarkable performance by No. 70035 Rudyard Kipling between Ipswich and Norwich which included 94 mile/h at Diss; performance on the Golden Arrow; and gheneral performance on the London Midland and Western Regions.

G.M. Kitchenside. Tokenless block on BR single lines. 112-16.
Mainly as applied on the route between Salisbury and Exeter, but also experimental working on the Scottish Region on the West Highland Line and at Montrose, and on the Isle of Wight.

Number 336 (May 1968)

Cecil J. Allen.  The "Flying Scotsman"— 40 years on. Locomotive running past and present —No. 188. 194-9.

Tonbridge via Orpington. 200-3
Black & white photo-feature to celebrate centenary

H.C. Casserley. The vanishing shed scene.204-9
Text concerns generalitie: straight road, roundhouse, servicing, coaling, watering, etc. Illustrations: Brighton locomotive depot c1900 (everything with names); Southern Railway No. B173 on turntable at Horsham depot on 1 May 1926 (H.C. Casserley) exterior of Camden roundhouse of London & Birmingham Railway (C.R. Rowson); interior of former with locomotives (engraving); Stoke-on-Trent yard on 30 April 1933 (H.C. Casserley); interior of Derby roundhouse in 1862 (many men and locomotives in very early photograph); London & South Western and Midland & South Western Junction engine sheds at Andover Junction on 30 April 1928 (H.C. Casserley); J65 No. 77253 on Laxfield shed on 55 July 1936 (H.C. Casserley); shed for horse at Fintona Junction Great Northern Railway (Ireland) (H.C. Casserley); No. 15053 outside Lybster engine shed on 18 July 1931 (H.C. Casserley).

I.F. Finlay. Stamps. 209. illustration
Austrian stamp issued to celebrate centenary of railway over Brenner Pass showing locomotive No. 671. Stamp designed by A. Pilch.

Quicksilver. Swiss wintersports trains. 210-11.

Steamtown foundation. 211

H.T.S. Bailey. Over the wall: reminiscences of Penzance. 218-21
Looking over the wall at Penzance station in the early 1930s and watching the departures with rhrough coaches to Glasgow and Aberdeen as well as the Cornish Riviera Express; the sleeping car trains and the TPO. His  father had a 9.5mm Pathé cine camera

C.P. Lewis. Beyer-Garratt locomotives in South Africa. Part 2. 222-5.