Volume 9 (1948)

Published by Railway World, 245 Crocklewood Broadway. London NW2
Editor: R.J. Raymond

Number 95 (March 1948)

R.A.H. Weight. "Eight years back". 33-5.
Two Southern Railway photographs taken during the Dunkirk evacuation in the summer of 1940: one at Paddock Wood station of ex-SECR 4-4-0 at head of train of mainly LNER corridor stock with soldiers being given refreshments; the other of another more modern locomotive (only tender visible with poor quality coal) on train of ex-Midland (clerestory) and other LMS coaches at Headcorn. Text notes that one platform at Dover Marine was given over to ambulance trains. Dover despatched 327 specilas; Folkestone 64; Ramsgate 82; and Sheerness 17. Destinations werre ofen unknown, but tended to be settled at Redhill. The GWR supplied 40 trains, LMS 44, LNER 47 and Southern 55. The town of Redhill nearly ran out of water and 300 tons of ash were collected.

Interior of new cafeteria at Liverpool Street Station on 31 December 1947. 35

S.O. Swetenham. Manchester and its railways. 35-6.
Refers to article by Sydney Richards and points to errors in locomotives observed at Victoria station

S. Richards. 36

O.S. Nock. Locomotive causerie. No. 92. West Highland workings. Part One. 37-41

To the Editor. 41

H.C. Casserley. The Highland Railway since Grouping. Part 3. 42-4.

J.P. Bardsley. Some Indian memories. 44-6.

To the Editor. 46

L. & Y. 4-6-0 locomotives. O.S. Nock. 46

W.A. Camwell. G.W.R. 1901 & 2201 locos. on passenger trains. 47-8.
Text notes that 1901 class used on Burry Port to Cwmmawr services due to sharp curves; and on Cardigan branch again due to sharp curves, but also due to wieght limit on turntable on approach to engine shed. 2021 fitted for auto working worked services from Lydney to Berkeley Road and the Cinderford branch. Illustrations: No. 2011 at Cardigan with 18.25 from Whitland; No. 2080 at Lydney Town on 18.00 to Berkeley Road and Nos. 1957 and 1967 at Cwm Mawr