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Locomotive class index
A1X to Z1, also 0F to 9F and 68XX
Individual locomotives
Shannon and St Martin, so far
Corporate name index
Includes names like Sharp Stewart
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Latest Backtrack: May 2013
Considers William Dean's work

Latest Railway Archive (No. 38)
British Atlantic locomotives

Latest Archive (No. 76)
Lst NCB locomotive overhauls (indexing incomplete)

Latest Great Western Railway J.
Bulldog reminiscences

Locomotive Magazine project
American scam

Railway World

Wanted: to borrow: recent LMS Journal and Midland Record


Frank Jones's diaries

Greaves index of private owner wagons

Mission statement
Digital opportunities?
And disasters: beware Locomotive Railway Carriage and Wagon Review on demand publication

Cloud anthology

Hugh Le Fleming: artist

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Kevin Jones (KPJ)

Verena Holmes
Railway enthusiasts
Reference books

Libraies and their demise in Norfolk

Biographies: British locomotive designers

Inspecting Officers

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Railways Archive
very useful site for source documents especially official accident reports

Six Bells Junction [rail tours]

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National Railway Museum
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