The Kindle should be capable of bringing great pleasure, but...

As well as a page on my PC I have three Kindle tablets in my care: my original purchase, a paper white device (which is used by my wife) and a Kindle fire. My wife who now has very limited sight can now only read on her Kindle which gives her very great pleasure at relatively little cost, but I have to make the purchases via my PC. My original purchase was to read Newman's letters: it was vastly cheaper and much easier to handle than the printed version where the weight of a book is a severe limitation. This device was purchased off Google at what seemed a reasonable price. It works and I have read several books on it and even placed other machine-readable literature on it, such as the North British Railway Study Group Journal to assist in indexing it.

The Kindle Fire remains a mystery. It was intended for Backtrack, but Corona got in the way and I remain with the print version. I recently acquired one copy of the Railway Magazine: I paid for it, but it has fallen into an electronic crevice and has not been found. In normal times my grandchildren would have found it for me. Perhaps its on the Kindle Fire, but that fails to ignite except to attempt to sell things I obviously cannot or will not buy.

The devices always need to be charged up, like an ancient motor car or an accumulator powered radio.