Locomotive Railway & Carriage Review

Volume 59 (1953)

Number 729 (May 1953)

Local conditions and locomotive design. 63-4.

C.P.R. new C.M.E. 64.
F.A. Benger appointed Chief Mechanical Engineer in  succession to W.A. Newman who had died; had been Assistant CME since 1948. Had joined CPR as an apprentice in 1913. Had been responsible for streamlining Royal Hudsons.

"YL" class locos for India. 64-6. illustration, diagram (side elevation)
Light metre gauge 2-6-2 with wiide Belpaire firebox built by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd under the ispection of Rendel, Palmer & Tritton.

L. Lynes. Reflections. 66-9. 2 diagrams.
Design of suspension springs for carriages and especially the motor cars for the Brighton express multiple units including load deflection behaviour of helical springs

F.J.G. Haut. Railway electrification in India. 70-4. 6 illustrations

0-4-0 diesel locomotives for Denmark. 74. 2 illustrations
John Fowler & Co. (Leeds) Ltd. with 6-cylinder Leyland engine fpr the Aalborg Private Railways.

Radio communication to shunting locos. 75. 2 illustrations
Abbey Works of the Steel Company of Wales:  General Electric equipment 

Gold Coast Railways. 75
Hunslet Engine Co. had received an order for three 3ft 6in gauge 0-8-0Ts with welded fireboxes

British Railways standard wagons. 76
27-ton iron ore tippler and 24-ton covered hopper wagon for transport of soda ash or sodium tripolyphosphates to design of R.A. Riddles

M.A. Harrison. Some narror gauge locos. 77-8. 4 illustrations
Bagnalls 0-6-0T for Mauritius; 0-6-2 for plantation work in Malaysia; 4-6-4v for Barsi Light Railway and oil-burning 2-8-2 for Egyptian State Railways with cover plates to protect motion from blown sand.

Longmoor Transportation Centre, R.E. 78
50th anniversary of arrival of first railway troops

B.R. instructional films. 78

Number 730 (June 1953)

The Franco-Crosti boiler. 80-4. illustration, diagram, table, plan.

[Former Mersey Railway 0-6-4T working at Shipley Colliery]. 104
Cited from Volume 61 p. 221

[Giesl Ejector]. 133