Railway World
Volume 45

Number 525

Kitsons of Leeds. E.F. Clark. 6-9. 12 illus.

Unusual lineage — the Cornwall Minerals engines and their Great Western descendants. V.R. Webster. 17-20.


Atkins, C.P. No.71000 Duke of Gloucester 30 years on: a new appraisal of its design and performance, 230-5.

Number 531

Tyler, E.J. Massey Bromley. 346-9.
Most of the material used to create Bromley biography ot to augment material on Bromley locomotives..

Carling, E.R. What was wrong? – three studies in design failings –. 350-3.
Considered two Garratt designs: the huge three-cylinder type for the New Zealand Government Railways which were far too big and ended up being rebuilt as six 4-6-2s and the highly unsatisfactory locomotives ordered by the LMS (Carling was involved with the second batch at the delivery stage). The final design to be considered was the Highland River class.

Number 535 November 1984)

Webster, V.R.. 'F. Moore': the story of a notable railway artist. 582-91.
The text forms the basis for a Moore page. The illus. are as follows: Walter Bell, who died on 18 September 1938 aged 64, was the third of the Bell brothers involved with LPC, and was probably instrumental in establishing Thomas Rudd's association with the Company. W. J. Bell is seen in front of 'A4' Pacific No 2512 Silver Fox at the LNER's Romford Exhibition on 6 June 1936. (E.R. Wethersett); remainder from F. Moore material (some reproduced in black & white): LNWR 2-2-2 No. 3020 Cornwall (b&w); LYR 4-4-2 on Walkden troughs (b&w); GWR Bulldg on sea wall  at Dawlish (b&w); GWR broad gauge Great Western (colour); SECR D class 4-4-0 No. 730 emerging from Shakespeare Cliff Tunnel (colour); GNR 0-8-2T on suburban set of four-wheel stock between Gasworks and Copenhagen Tunnels (colour); Denver & Rio Grande Railroad express climbing 1 in 25 grade powered by four locomotives plus a banker (b&w); Drummond Paddlebox 4-6-0 and early aircraft (b&w); GER rebuilt class T19 crossing swing bridge at Carlton Colville (b&w); Precursor leaving Watford Tunnel (b&w); decorated TVR 4-4-2T No. 175 (colour); Pickerdsgill and McIntosh Dunalastair III No. 890 stated to be leaving Carlisle (colour);