Henry Arthur Vaughan Bulleid

The eldest son of Oliver V.S. Bulleid was born on 23 December 1912 in Doncaster (Day-Lewis). Died Ifold (Sussex) 0n 5 May 2009 (Independent obituary on 17 August 2009 by Kevin Brownlow who concentrates on HAV's contribution to cinemaphotography), but probably best known from steamindex standpoint as the author of three major biographical works on locomotive enginees: Master builders of steam and lives of his father and Aspinall, H.A.V. was a fully trained locomotive engineer: he was educated at Ampleforth, Pembroke College Cambridge and then at Derby (Larkin): HAV then worked briefly at Derby in the LMS experimental section. HAV worked as the Chief Engineer at the Britsh Nylon Spinners plant in Pontypool (Dr Peter W. Allen, an Oxford chemist who worked at BNS before joining BRPRA and into whose shoes KPJ eventually stepped) when asked about Bulleid considered that he was "far too senior" (possibly in age: strangely both had received Benedictine educations, but Peter Allen was Downside and Christchurch, Oxford) to have had any contact with him at Pontypool. The first gives great insights into the lives of Ivatt, father and son (former was H.A.V.'s maternal grandfather), Gresley and his father, as well as Churchward and Stanier.

Incidentally, Brownlow notes that the LNER had a no fathers and sons policy.

Held four patents: all related to fibre engineering, and majority in association with British Nylon Spinners.


The Aspinall Era. London: Ian Allan,1967.
Excellent for coverage of Aspinall's patents and for his work at Inchicore (including that of McDonnell); also information about Ivatt, Webb (relationship with his star Pupils), Ramsbotton, Barton Wright and Hoy.
Bulleid of the Southern. Ian Allan, 1977. 229pp
Includes an appendix by Author's mother: Ivatt's daughter which records death of Ivatt's eldest son in 1898 and observations on Gresley and the Fowlers.
Master builders of steam. London, Ian Allan, 1963. 190 p. + 32 plates. 109 illus. (incl. 12 ports.), 39 diagrs., 17 tables, 2 plans.
This book is of major importance as HAV Bulleid was a trained locomotive engineer (Cambridge University and Derby Works), although most of his professional life was spent within the polymer industry (British Nylon Spinners at Pontypool). Further, until recently he was one of the few writers with access to the private proceedings of the Association of Railway Locomotive Engineers. His pantheon includes: Churchward, Gresley, Stanier and his father. Reviewed by RR in Rly Wld, 1964, 25, 38.

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