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Fryer was born in 1914 (BLPC). Moderately prolific in his old age. Although he questions some statements made by Rous-Marten, reviewers (please supply sources of further reviews) Fryer in turn has been highly criticised in reviews. Note on back cover of book on Cudworth states that he is a retired Anglican priest and college lecturer resident in the South of Ireland. 

British Baltic tanks: the story of six types of British 4-6-4 tank locomotives. Sheffield: Platform 5, 1993. 56pp.
Ottley 15791: not seen, but recommended by Steamindex user
British locomotive practice & performance: extracts from the pioneering Railway Magazine articles of 1902-1908 by Charles Rous-Marten. Wellingborough: Patrick Stephens, 1990.
Foreword by O. S. Nock 8
Acknowledgements 9
Introduction 11
A useful introduction which notes the limitations of Rous-Marten's reporting, notably the vagueness of many of his statements and the very rare reporting of speeds, Fryer indicated many errors, notably in the gradients: in one extreme case the gradient was down rather than up. The dates shown are those for the original articles in The Railway Magazine

PART 1: Practice 21
April 1902 On the introduction of the 4-6-0 type for express passenger work on the Great Western Railway. 23
October 1902 On Mr S.W. Johnson's new three-cylinder compounds on the Midland Railway. 28  See Rly Mag., 1902, 11, 349.
March 1904 On the extent to which locomotive power depends upon boiler size and heating surface. 31
April 1904 On cylinder dimensions and whether a diameter greater than 18 inches was really necessary for efficient working. 37.
May 1904 On the most suitable diameter for driving wheels in a steam locomotive. 41
December 1904 On the new De Glehn 4-4-2 compound locomotive of the Great Western Railway, and on Webb's compounds on the London and North Western Railway, and changes recently made in them. 47
June 1906. On speeds attained or attainable by British express locomotives. 54
September & October 1906. On the Salisbury derailment of July 1st, 1906. 60.
May 1907 On compound locomotives constructed for service on British railways. 64
July & August: On the use or non-use of the steam dome on British locomotives. 69
March 1908 On the possible establishment of a Railway Museum 76

Part 2: Performance
May 1903 Great Western Railway: Four-coupled engines between London and Exeter. 81.
September 1903 Great Western Railway: Paddington to Plymouth with the Royal Train on July 14th, 1903. 83.
April 1907 Great Western Railway: London to Plymouth by way of the newly opened route through Westbury behind Churchward's recently constructed four cylinder Atlantic North Star. 86.
December 1902 London and North Western Railway: Journeys made behind Webb compounds on an accelerated Birmingham express. 90 See Rly Mag., 1902, 11, 481.
December 1904 London and North Western Railway: Journeys made behind Mr Whale's 4-4-0 'Precursors', 93.
July 1905 London and North Western Railway: Journeys behind a new 'Precursor' 4-4-0 and an old 'Precedent' 2-4-0. 96
October 1907 London and North Western Railway: Journeys from Crewe to Carlisle and back behind a newly-built 'Experiment' 4-6-0. 99.
No. 2052 Stephenson (on light train) delayed by heavy train in front, but return journey behind 1991 Palmerston with 350 tons was excellent.
November 1903 Midland Railway: Performances of newly built compound 4-4-0s on the Settle and Carlisle line. 102.
September 1904 Midland Railway: Journeys on the main line from St Pancras behind non-compound 4-4-0s with Belpaire fireboxes, recently built by Mr S. W. Johnson. 104
No. 2788 on ouward run to Manchester and No. 830 on return: 3hr 35 min. schedule easilly  met.
November 1903 Great Northern Railway: Performances of an Ivatt 4-2-2, a small-boilered 'Atlantic' and a large-boilered 'Atlantic'. 109. See also original
January 1907 Great Northern Railway: Performance by a Stirling 8-footer single-wheeler contrasted with that of a large-boilered Ivatt 'Atlantic' on the same train out of King's Cross. 114
June 1904 Great Central Railway: Performances of Robinson 4-6-0s between Marylebone and Leicester. 116.
May 1907 Great Central Railway: Runs behind compound 'Atlantics' between Marylebone and Leicester. 119.
June 1902 North Eastern Railway: Journeys from Leeds to Scarborough and back behind  'I' class 4-2-2s, from Darlington to York behind 'R' class 4-4-0s, and from Darlington to York and Newcastle to Berwick behind an 'Sl' class 4-6-0
December 1907 North Eastern Railway: A return journey between York and Newcastle behind a Smith 4-4-2 compound. 126
July 1902 Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway: Journeys behind Aspinall inside-cylindered 4-4-2 'Highflyers' and an Aspinall 4-4-0, with light loads, between Manchester and Liverpool. 129. from Rly Mag., 1902, 11, 16.
June 1904 London and South Western Railway: A record run between Plymouth and Waterloo behind a small-wheeled and a large-wheeled Drummond 'Greyhound' on on April 23rd. 133
July 1906 London and South Western Railway:  Performances of large-boilered Drummond 'Greyhounds' on the Waterloo and Exeter. 136  
December 1902 London, Brighton and South Coast Railway: Performances of Billinton 'B4' 4-6-0 express engines on the 4-4-0s between London and Brighton. 139. See Rly Mag., 1902, 11, 481.
September 1903 London, Brighton and South Coast Railway A record run from Victoria to Brighton and back. 143
June 1905 South Eastern and Chatham Railway: Journeys on the South Eastern main line behind Stirling' B ' Class and Wainwright 'D' Class 4-4-0s. 146
August 1903 . Caledonian Railway Performances of McIntosh 4-6-0s on the main line between main line between Carlisle and Glasgow. 150
January 1906. Glasgow and South Western Railway: Performances of newly-built 4-6-0 express engines on the Glasgow-Kilmarnock-Dumfries Carlisle route. 153.

Index 157
Experiments with steam: landmarks in unusual British design, 1846-1959. Wellingborough: Patrick Stephens, 1990.
Ottley Supplement 15782 notes that book is unreliable and cites review Rly Wld., 1990, 51, 631. The chapter titles follow:
The usual and the exceptional
The British Crampton locomotive
Three breeds of 4-2-4 tank engines
Sturrock's steam tenders
Stroudley's front-coupled express engines
Webb's three-cylinder compounds
The Worsdell-von Borries two-cylinder compounds
Four-cylinder tandem compounds
Drummond's double-singles
The Great Eastern 'Decapod'
The rise and fall of the rail-motor
The Paget locomotive
Churchward's solitary 'Pacific'
Two 'Uniflow' locomotives on the North Eastern Railway
Maunsell's 'K' Class tank locomotives
Booster locomotives on the London & North Eastern Railway
Two ultra-high-pressure compound locomotives
Bulleid's 'Ql' freight locomotives
Bulleid's 'Leader' 0-6-6-0
Bulleid's turf-burner
The Crosti boiler and Giesl ejector experiments on BR
Could there be a return of steam?

The Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway. C.E.J. Fryer. Oakwood Press. AT ***
A mixed reception: AT stated that "This is a most curious book to review" and really only commended the illustartions and a chapter based on the memories of Bob Smillie when working on the footplate of steam locomotives on the line (Backtrack, 1995, 8, 278)..
The Great Bear: Britain's first Pacific locomotive. Cork: Fryer Publishing, 1996. 42pp.
The locomotives of James Cudworth. Author? 64pp.
Similar in format to Great Bear booklet, but no details of pubisher, although brief details about author on rear cover
The rolling Rivers: the saga of  Maunsell's 2-6-4 express tank locomotives. Sheffield: Platform 5, 1993. 56pp.
Ottley 18895: not seen, but recommended by Steamindex user
Single wheeler locomotives: the brief age of perfection 1885-1900. Sparkford: OPC, 1993. 112pp.
A somewhat arbitrary date, as the Stirling 4-2-2 design falls outwith the "age of perfection"
Waterford and Limerick Railway. Oakwood Press.