Michael Robert Bonavia

Born in May 1909; educated St Paul's School and Corpus Christi, Cambridge. An economist. Worked for N.M. Rothschild, bankers. Joined LNER in 1945: worked in CGM's office: Assistant to Miles Beevor. BT Staff College, Woking [Hardy]. Died 1999. There is a Michael Bonavia Archive in the NRM (details online)

"Important in laying bare the limitations of the top managers of the BTC, whom he found drab and uninspiring" [Birth of British Rail]

Hardy, Richard  and Gourvish, Terry.  Michael R. Bonavia, 1909-99: an appreciation. J. Transport Hist. 2000, 21, 1-5

Bonavia was an exceptionally fluent writer, and much of what he wrote is a joy to read. He was relatively unusual in writing both as a professional transport economist and as a "popular writer" for railway enthusiasts. He wrote a considerable number of magazine articles which are marked by levity and provide great shafts of light into the working, or non-working, of the railway system and on some of the "personalities" involved. He had a great love for the LNER. The compiler of steamindex's father had a huge regard for him whom he encountered in the immediate pre-nationalization period.


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