Herbert Kelway-Bamber

Born 6 September 1862. Educated at University College School, King's College London and Royal School of Mines and trained as a locomotive engineer under William Stroudley. For some years on India Office Staff of Inspectors under Sir Alexander M. Rendel. Joined East Indian Railway in 1892 as Assistant Superintendent of Rolling Stock and in 1902 was appointed Superintendent. Responsible under Lord Curzon for building Royal Train used by King George V for tours of India (for which he was awarded MVO). In 1907 he joined Leeds Forge and in 1925 became its General Manager. From 1928 until 1933 he was with Sentinel-Cammell Co. Ltd. and then retited to Florence. He was eleected a Vice-President of the Institution in 1917 and President of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers in 1930. Died 5 June 1946. Obituary J. Instn Loco. Engrs, 1946, 36, 324-6 (portrait).

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Discussion contributions
Caprotti, A.  (Paper No. 176)
Kelway-Bamber (456) noted the greater and steadier drawbar pull obtainable.
Reid, R.W. (Presidential Address)
Developments in coaching stock construction. 192-7. Discussion: 197-220; 277-94.
Kelway Bamber (198-9; 277-94) advocated bogie wagons which would lead to a 28% reduction in dead weight.