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Locomotive class index
A1X to Z1, also 0F to 9F and 68XX
Individual locomotives
Shannon and St Martin, so far
Corporate name index
Includes names like Sharp Stewart

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North British Study Group: latest
North British Hotel

Latest Backtrack: December 2019

Midland compounds
Sans Pareil after Rainhill
Latest Archive (No. 104)
RHDR 15-inch gauge

Railway World
Issue for July 1964 urgently needed

Last Great Western Railway J.

Review of British Transport Treasures
Latest releases:
Man behind the Treasures (Stuart Rankin)
Fomney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway
Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation
Young's Timothy Hackworth
See also existing steamindex entry
New including Ahrons Locomotive practice...
2019 additions
Aspects of railway architecture
Architects page
PER RAIL (Great Central presentation to customers)

Stockton & Darlington Miscellany£3.95
Further information
Centenary in retrospect by Randall
Further information
Programme of ceremonies £2.95
Further information
The Construction of the Modern Locomotive, by George Hughes. Assistant in the Chief Mechanical Engineers Dept., Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. E. & F. N. Spon, 1894

The Story of the Royal Scot, London Midland and Scottish Railway, 1933. [ebook]
Further information

The Evolution of the Steam Locomotive, by G. A. Sekon, Railway Publishing Co. 1899 [ebook] £3.25p
Further information

The Manufacture of Locomotives and Other Munitions of War, 1914-1919 – The North British Locomotive Co. Ltd., n.d. but ca. 1920. [ebook]

GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY Special Centenary Number, Railway Gazette, 30 August 1935 [ebook]
Southern Way No. 13

Locomotive Magazine project

F. Moore: artist
John Kitching's Game Cocks
Locomotive Magazine on CD ROM
Architects in new location
Cloud anthology
Hugh Le Fleming: artist

Jonathan Clay's Locomotive portraits

John Knowles: Steam locomotive resistance

Adrian Tester & the 4F & more Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
Trevithick: update
Beeching, Marples and Serpell
Harold Wilson (the real villain?)

Locomotive Performance & Efficiency Bulletins (BTC)

Railways Archive
very useful site for source documents especially official accident reports

Modellers Backtrack
Bob Farmer's Index

George Behrend (luxury trains and Gone with Regret)
Latest Backtrack threw up this strange omission
E.A. Phillipson... Locomotive design and more"
Andrew Martin joins Canaries

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Locomotive types

LMS Journal

Railways South East

British Railway Journal

C.J. Allen: stop watch No. 1
Phil Atkins
James Boyd
George & Andrew Dow
Ossie Nock: the Annie S. Swan of railway lit?
Brian Reed
Michael Rutherford
Glancey's Giants of steam
Wm Pett Ridge

Books about locomotives

Author index

Journals (magazines) indexed

Biographies: British locomotive designers
David Wardale
George Stephenson & eminent son: Robert
Francis (Frank) Webb
Sir Nigel Gresley
 Gresley Pacifics
Sir William Stanier
  Stanier locomotives
Charles Beyer
T.W. Worsdell
   NER locomotives
Matthew Kirtley

   Kirtley locomotives
S.W. Johnson
   Johnson locomotives
Churchward updated
   GWR locomotives
James Holden
   GER locomotives
   Caledonian locomotives
Sir John Aspinall
   L&YR locomotives
Henry Ivatt
   Ivatt locomotives
Richard Maunsell
Maunsell locomotives
O.V.S. Bulleid
Bulleid locomotives
R.A. Riddles
Riddles locomotives

Roland Bond
Cox of LMS/British Rail
Holcroft of GWR and Southern

Inspecting Officers
Engine drivers

Verena Holmes: lady loco engineer
Tuplin: eccentric

Railway enthusiasts: are they an endangered species?

Six Bells Junction [rail tours]

Carscapes: very good book: further info

Train times (UK)
IMPOSSIBLE to communicate with Railcards
Cheap train tickets

Alternative service at Seat 61
Train Songs

Visual materials

Other images including Bloomer

Mike Field's index to Southern Railway articles

Transport non-connexions in Norfolk?

Unreliable Dutch State train operator "serve" Norfolk
Preservation organizations
National Railway Museum
Railway Preservation Society of Ireland
Newcomen Society
Heritage railways: MANY ERRORS!

Transport Ticket Society

Recent Barnby Moor bridge replacement: digital images taken by Matt Murray: new bridge emerging but wiull Scunthorpe survive
Locomotive design

Joy Diaries
Joynt's Inchicore
Chronology of locomotive history
Reed's 150 years
John Wilson
ARLE designs
WANTED Information about W. Wells: who was he?
And qualifications of contributors to Backtrack on locomotive design

Irish locomotives

Midland Record
Any hope of borrowing some of later Issues?

St. Andrews

Counter pressure tests on B17 (Robson paper)

Frank Jones's diaries updated

Greaves index of private owner wagons
EARLY MAIN LINE conference Proceedings

Engine drivers

Junior Institution of Engineers
Still puzzled??"
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NEW BOOK ON Henry Eoghan O'Brien

Peter Handford & Transacord Records


Graces Guide
See brief review
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Journal Railway & Canal Historical Society

Institution of Locomotive Engineers papers

Brian Reed
Paul C. Dewhurst (PCD)

Cloud anthology
Hugh Le Fleming: artist
Nigel Digby: locomotive liveries

Jonathan Clay's Locomotive portraits

John Knowles: Steam locomotive resistance

Adrian Tester & the 4F & more Trevithick: update
Beeching, Marples and Serpell
Harold Wilson (the real villain?)

Locomotive Performance & Efficiency Bulletins (BTC)

Reference books


Last Railway Archive (No. 50)

Hull & Barnsley and broad gauge 4-4-0Ts
Kevin Jones

Sean O'Brien's Train Songs published Faber:

Sean O'Brien's view from the train:
we travel through time as well as space on a train Whitaker: father & son: error
Counter pressure tests on B17 (Robson paper)


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