Bob & Terry Essery

R.J. Essery
Both Bob and Terry were former footplate crew members of staff in the Birmingham area. Bob is particularly proud to have helped to save the LMS Engine History Cards which are now preserved at the NRM. A short description of this appeared in Steam Wld, 1991 (51) p. 55: this described his co-operation with Bill Steel. Bob established the much  acclaimed Midland Record and its companion LMS Journal, both now sadly discontinued.

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Chapter 1 Background Locomotive History 1923-48
Chapter 2 Motive Power Organisation
Chapter 3 Locomotive Numbering and Renumbering
Chapter 4 Pre-Group Locomotives - Midland Division
Chapter 5 Pre-Group Locomotives - Western Division
Chapter 6 Pre-Group Locomotives - Central Division
Chapter 7 Pre-Group Locomotives - Northern Division
Chapter 8 New Locomotives - 1923 onwards
Chapter 9 Locomotive Classification and Naming
Chapter 10 Tenders
Chapter 11 The Standard LMS Liveries
Chapter 12 Variations from the Standard Liveries
Chapter 13 British Railways Locomotive Liveries
Chapter 14 Painting Methods and Colour Shades
Acknowledgements and Bibliography

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