Locomotive classes index

This page is far from complete: it offers four sequences: (1) alphabetical (including both A4 and the various sorts of Jubilee classes); (2) numerical (both GWR and mainly pregrouping types); (3) based on power classsification (Midland Railway, LMS and British Railways, but not absorbed locomotives into British Railways) and (4) Whyte notation. It also demonstrates how homonymic classes will be tackled: Ivatt A4 4-2-2, for instance.

A class (Cussack MGWR)
A class (Webb 0-8-0)
A1 (Gresley original pacific)
A1 (Peppercorn)
A1 (Watson 4-8-0T)
A1/1 (Thompson rebuild of original GNR Pacific)
A2 (Raven Pacifics)
A2 (Peppercorn)
A2/2 (P2 rebuild)
A2/3 (Thompson)
A3 (Gresley pacific)
A4 (Gresley Pacific)
A4 (Ivatt 4-2-2)
Abbotsford class
Atbara class

Austerity 2-8-0
Austerity 2-10-0
Avalon class
B class (Webb 0-8-0)
B class 0-6-0 (NBR)
B1 (Thompson)
B2 (Thompson rebuild of Gresley B17)
B3/3 Thompson rebuild of Lord Faringdon type)
B16/3 (Thompson rebuild of NER S3 type)
B74 (Hill 0-4-0T)
Barneys (HR 0-6-0)
Battle of Britain
Ben (HR 4-4-0)
Beyer Garratt 2-8-8-2 (LNER)
Beyer Garratt 2-6-6-2 (LMS)
Big Bertha
Bill Bailey (Webb 4-6-0)
Bird (GWR 4-4-0)
Bloomers (LNWR 2-2-2)

Boleros (S169)
Britannia 4-6-2
C class (GNRI) 0-6-0
C class (NBR 0-6-0)
C class (NER 0-6-0 formerly compound)
C1 class (NER 0-6-0)
C2 (Ivatt 4-4-2T; GNR classification)
C2 (DSER 4-4-2T)
C9 (4-4-4 booster replacement of Z class)
Castle class (GWR 4-6-0)
Castle class (HR 4-6-0)
Cauliflower (Webb 18in goods)
Clan 4-6-2
Clan HR 4-6-0
Claud Hamilton 4-4-0
Claughton 4-6-0
Clyde bogie
Coal engines (17in goods)
Coal tanks (Webb 0-6-2T)
Coast bogies
Conside (SDR)
Coronation (SDR 0-6-0)
Coronation 4-6-2
Compound (LMS standard)
County class 4-6-0
County tanks (4-4-2T)
D (Drummond 0-6-0)
D (Thompson D49 2-cylinder rebuild)
D10 (GSR)
D15 (GSR)
D17 (GSR)
D19 (GSR)
D34 (Glen 4-4-0)
D35 (West Highland bogie)
D49 4-4-0
D50 (4-4-0T)
D51 (4-4-0T)
D81 (GER 0-6-0)
Decapod (GER)
Director (GCR/LNER)
Director (Stockton & Darlington Railway)
Dreadnoughts (LYR 4-6-0)
Duke (HR 4-4-0)
DX (Ramsbottom 0-6-0)
E class (LBSCR 0-6-0T)
E22 (GER 0-6-0T)

E1/R (Stroudley type rebuilt with trailing axle)
Earl 4-4-0 (GWR)
Enterprise (SDR)
Experiment (Whale 4-6-0)
F (NBR 0-6-0T dock tank)
F1 (DSER 2-4-2T)
F4 (ex-GER 2-4-2T)
F48 (GER 0-6-0)
Fury (high-pressure 4-6-0)
G 0-6-4T (Metropolitan)
G1 (DSER 2-4-0T)
G1 (GNR 0-4-4T)
G14 (GER 2-4-0)
G15 (GER 0-4-0T tram loco)
G2 (GNR 0-4-4T)
G3 (GSR)
G4 (Holden 0-4-4T)
G48 (GER 0-6-0)

G5 (Wilson Worsdell 0-4-4T)

G7 NBR 0-4-4T
G8 NBR 0-4-4T
G9 (NBR 0-4-4T)
Garratt 2-8-8-2 (LNER U1)
Garratt 2-6-6-2 (LMS)
George the Fifth (LNWR 4-4-0)
Glen (HR 4-4-0)
Glen (NBR 4-4-0)
Great Bear (4-6-2)
Green Arrow (V2 class)
H class (GNRI) 2-4-0
H class (Met. R. 4-4-4T)
H2 (Gresley GNR 2-6-0)
H2 (ex-Met. R. 4-4-4T as LNER)
H2 (NER 0-6-0T)
H3 (Gresley GNR 2-6-0)
H88 (Hill 4-4-0)
Hall class 4-6-0
Humpty Dumpties (GER T19)
Intermediates (NBR)
I3 class (LBSCR)
J class (LBSCR 4-6-2T)
J1 class (DSE/GSR 0-6-0)
J9 (GSR 0-6-0)
J13 (GNR 0-6-0ST)
J15 (GER 0-6-0)
J16 (GER 0-6-0)

J17 (GER 0-6-0)

J21 (ex-NER class C)
J35 0-6-0 (B class NBR)
J36 (NBR C class)
J38 (Gresley 0-6-0)
J39 (Gresley 0-6-0)
J52 (LNER 0-6-0ST)
J65 (GER 0-6-0T)
J66 (GER 0-6-0T)
J72 (NER 0-6-0T)
J74 (NER 0-6-0T)
J77 (NER 0-6-0T)
J79 (NER 0-6-0T)
J88 (NBR 0-6-0T)
J92 (GER 0-6-0CT)
J94 (Austerity 0-6-0ST)
Jubilee Stanier 4-6-0
K class (GNRI) 0-4-2
K class (LBSCR 2-6-0)
K class (MGWR 2-4-0)
K class (NBR Glen 4-4-0)
K class (SECR 4-4-0)
K class 2-6-4T
K class (SECR Maunsell 2-6-4T)
K1 (Gresley)
K1/1 (Thompson rebuild of Gresley K4 type)
K1 (Peppercorn)
K2 (Gresley 2-6-0)
K5 (Thompson rebuild of Gresley K3)
K9 (Adams' 0-4-4T for GER)
Kerry bogies
King class 4-6-0 (Collett)
King Arthur 4-6-0 (Maunsell)
L class (LBSCR 4-6-4T)
L class (MGWR 0-6-0)
L cllass (NBR)
L1 (Ivatt 0-8-2T)
L1 (Thompson 2-6-4T)
L2 (LNER ex-Met. R 2-6-4T)
L77 (Hill 0-6-2T)
Leader 0-6-6-0T
Lickey Banker (0-10-0)
Little Egberts (LYR 0-8-2T)
Loch (HR 4-4-0)
Loch (LNER K2 2-6-0)
Lord Nelson (Maunsell)
Lord Nelson (Bulleid modifications)
M cllass (NBR)
M class (NBR 0-4-4T)
M1 class (NER 4-4-0 simple)
M15 (GER 2-4-2T)
Majestic type (SDR)
Merchant Navy
N class (Maunsell 2-6-0)
N1 (Ivatt 0-6-2T)
N2 (Gresley 0-6-2T)
N14 (NBR 0-6-2T)
N15 4-6-0 (Maunsell)
N7 (Hill 0-6-2T as built/modified LNER)
Newton class (LNWR)
O class 0-4-4T
O1 (Thompson 2-8-0)
P class (NBR 4-4-0T)
P1 class (GSR 2-6-2T)
P1 class (Gresley 2-8-2)
P2 class (Gresley 2-8-2)
P43 (Holden 4-2-2)
Patriot 4-6-0
Priam (SDR)
Prince of Wales (LNWR 4-6-0)
Princess Coronation 4-6-2
Princess Royal 4-6-2
Problem class (LNWR 2-4-0)
Q 0-6-0 (Maunsell)
Q1 0-6-0 (Bulleid Austerity)
Q1 class 4-4-0 (NER)
Q1 (Thompson 0-8-0T rebuilt from GCR 0-8-0)
Q6 (NER T2)
Q7 (NER T3)
Queen class
R class 2-6-4T (Met. R.)
R class (NBR 4-4-0T)
R class (NER 4-4-0)
Richmond (YNBR)
River 2-6-4T (Maunsell)
River 4-6-0 (Highland)
Rokeby (SDR)
S class (GNRI)
S class 0-6-0 (NBR)
S class (NCC narrow gauge)
S44 class 0-4-4T (GER)
S46 Claud Hamilton 4-4-0
S69 (Holden 4-6-0)
S160 (US 2-8-0)
Saint 4-6-0 (GWR 29XX)
Samson 2-4-0 (Ramsbottom 2-4-0)
Schools 4-4-0 (Maunsell)
Skye bogies
Star 4-6-0 (GWR 40xx )
Strath (HR 4-4-0)
Super Clauds
T1 (NER/LNER 4-8-0T)
T2 (NER 0-8-0)
T3 (NER (0-8-0)
T18 (GER 0-6-0T)
T19 (GER 2-4-0)
Turbine locomotive (Stanier)
U class (Maunsell 2-6-0)
U1 (Gresley Beyer Garratt)
V class 4-4-0 (Maunsell)
V class (Sinclair 2-4-2T GER)
V2 class (Gresley 2-6-2)
V3 class (Gresley 2-6-2T)
V4 class (Gresley light 2-6-2)
W class (NCC 2-6-0)
W class (NER 4-6-0T/4-6-2T)
W class 2-6-4T (Maunsell)
W1 (Gresley/Yarrow)
Waterbury (NER 2-4-0)
Waterbury (NER 4-4-0)
WD 2-8-0
WD 2-10-0
West Country
West Highland bogies

Whitby tanks
White Raven
X class (NER 4-8-0T)
X1 (LNER 2-2-4T)
X3 (LNER 2-2-4T)
Y14 (GER 0-6-0)
Y4 (GER B74 0-4-0T)
Y5 (GER 0-4-0ST)
Y6 (ex-GER 0-4-0T tram loco)
Z (NER Raven 4-4-2)
Z 0-8-0T (Maunsell)
Z4 (GER 0-6-0CT)


Power classification
0F 0-4-0T  (Kitson for LMS)
2 2-6-0 (Ivatt)
2 2-6-2T (Ivatt)
2F 0-6-0T (dock type)
2P 0-4-4T (Lemon)
3 2-6-2T (Stanier)
3 2-6-2T (Fowler)
3F 0-6-0T (standard LMS)
4 4-6-0 (BR)
4 2-6-0 (Ivatt)
4 2-6-4T (Fowler)
4 2-6-4T (Stanier)
4 2-6-4T (Stanier: three-cylinder)
4F 0-6-0 (Fowler)
4P compound (LMS standard)
5 4-6-0 (Stanier)
5 4-6-0 (BR standard)
5 2-6-0 (Stanier)
5P (Hughes 4-6-0)
5XP Jubilee 4-6-0
5XP Patriot 4-6-0
6 Clan 4-6-2
6P Royal Scot  (original)
6P Rebuilt Scots
7 Britannia 4-6-2
7F 0-8-0 (Fowler)
7P Coronation 4-6-2
7P Princess Royal 4-6-2
9F 2-10-0

Whyte notation
0-6-6-0T Leader  
2-6-6-2 Garratt (LMS)
2-8-8-2  Garratt (LNER)
0-10-0 Lickey Banker
0-10-0T (Decapod)
2-6-4T (Fowler)
2-6-4T (Maunsell River)
2-6-2T (Fowler)
2-6-0 series (Maunsell)
0-6-0T (standard LMS)
0-4-4T (Lemon)
0-4-0T  (0F Kitson for LMS)



1 Class (Johnson GER 2-4-0)
1 Hercules (BR)
2 (GSR Kerry bogies)
3CC (NER 3-cylinder compound)
4CC (NER Smith 4 cylinder compound)
8 (LYR 4-6-0)
8 (NER Tennant 0-6-0T)
11 class (Aspinall 0-6-0)
17in goods
18in goods
27 class (Aspinall saturated 0-6-0)
28 class (Aspinall superheated 0-6-0)
46 (Wilson Worsdell 0-6-0T rebuilt from Fletcher 0-6-0ST)
52 class (GSWR, Ireland)
61 class (GER 0-4-4T)
66 class (CR 4-4-0)
66 class (NER 2-2-2T/4-2-2T/2-2-4T)
72 class (GNR(I))
76 class (NER 2-4-0)
80 class (CR 4-4-0)
97 (prototype GWR 2-8-0)
98 (prototype GWR 4-6-0)
100 (prototype GWR 4-6-0)
101 class (EGR 2-4-0)
120 (GNR 0-4-4T)
111 (Churchward 4-6-2)
123 (CR 2-2-2)
124 (CR 4-4-0)
126 (GNR 0-4-2T)
129 class (NER 2-4-0)
139 superheated Dunalastair IV
157 NBR 0-4-4T
171 class (CR 0-4-4T)
190 class (NER 2-4-0)
190 class (NER 2-2-4T)
204 class (GER 0-6-0T/0-6-0CT)
209 class  (GER Neilson 0-4-0ST)
211 class (Coey: GSR 0-6-2T)
229 class (Sturrock)
257 class (GS&WR 0-6-0)
272 class (CR 0-6-0ST)
290 class (NER 0-6-0T)
300 class (CR 0-6-0)
305 class (GSR 4-4-0)
309 class (GSR 4-4-0)
317 class (Crewe 0-4-2ST)
321 class (LNWR)
341 class (GS&WR 4-4-0)
351 class (GS&WR 0-6-0)
351 class (NBR 2-4-0)
355 class (GS&WR 2-6-0)
363 class (GS&WR 4-6-0)
448 (GSR 0-6-0)
450 class (GSR former DSER 4-4-0)
454 class (GSR former DSER 4-4-0)
476 class (NBR 4-4-0)
486 class (CR 0-6-0ST)
488 class (CR 0-4-4T: Conner)
501 (GNR 0-4-2T)
572 class (NER 0-6-0)
586 NBR 0-4-4T
670 class (GSR 0-6-2T)
672 class (Brittain 0-4-2 for CR)
709 (CR 0-6-0)
710 class (GER 2-4-0)
766 class (GNR 0-4-4T)
882 (Reid 4-4-0)
900 class (GSR 4-8-0T)
901 class (NER 2-4-0)
903 class
10XX County class
1001 (NER)
1121 (ex-MSWJR No, 3)
1185 class (0-8-2T)
1400 class (Webb 4-6-0)
14XX (GWR 0-4-2T)
1500 (Holden 4-6-0)
1528 (Deeley 0-4-0T)
16XX 0-6-0PT
1640 (GN 2-6-0)
2221 County tanks
2251 0-6-0
2524 (Webb 0-8-0)
2736 MR 0-6-0
2781 MR 4-4-0
29XX Saint class
2925 St Martin
3001 4-2-2
32XX 4-4-0
36XX 2-4-2T
40XX Star 4-6-0
4073 Castle 4-6-0
42XX 2-8-0T
43XX 2-6-0
46XX 4-4-2T
47XX 2-8-0
48XX 0-4-2T
48XX (oil-burning 28XX)
49XX 4-6-0
54XX 0-6-0PT
57XX 0-6-0PT
60XX 4-6-0 (Collett)
61XX 2-6-2T
6959 Modified Halls
72XX 2-8-2T
87XX 0-6-0PT
90XX 4-4-0
93XX 2-6-0
94XX 0-6-0PT
97XX 0-6-0PT