Locomotive types

This page is an introduction to a section which will grow and should enable searchers to find information on specific locomotive classes, such as the LMS class 5 4-6-0s, and many of the pre-grouping classes, many of which were known solely by number. It is also hoped that this may provide an avenue to specific locomotives. It is based on Kevin Jones' Steam locomotive development, but will be updated by other material. It must be stressed that although a few of the pre-grouping companies are moderately developed, some are barely at the laying down of the frames stage: this is especially true of the Midland Railway (where there is now a wealth of material thanks to the Essery Manufacturory). It does not even reflect KPJ's likes and dislikes: access to material is the key problem, and the vast amount of work involved..

Early locomotives Rocket Locomotive manufacturers
Great Western locomotive types
Broad gauge
Star class
Castle class
850 class 0-6-0PT
Absorbed railways

Taff Vale Railway

LMS locomotive types
Hughes locomotives
Fowler locomotives

Stanier locomotives

Class 5 2-6-0 (Crab)
Lemon 0-4-4T

Coronation Pacifics
Class 5 4-6-0s

Jubilee class
4 2-6-4T
Midland Railway
Caledonian Railway
Ramsbottom & Webb
Bowen Cooke
LNER locomotive types

Gresley locomotives

Gresley Pacifics


A4 class
V2 2-6-2

A1 (Peppercorn)
B1 4-6-0
North Eastern

Great Central

Great Eastern

Great Northern

North British


Southern locomotive types



Merchant Navy class
K1 class
L1 class
V class (Schools)
W class
Z class 0-8-0T
London & South Western

London Brighton &SCR

British Railways Standard classes
Clan Pacifics
Britannia Pacifics

Joint railways

Minor railways

War-time locomotives

Irish Railways

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