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British Transport Treasures

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Wanted: to borrow: recent LMS Journal and Midland Record


Locomotive Magazine project

Railways Archive
very useful site for source documents especially official accident reports

Backtrack January 2015


early railway artefacts in North Midlands

Bob Farmer's Index

Backtrack: December 2014

UTA diesel-electric multiple units

National Railway Museum

Latest Railway Archive (No. 45)

Hornsea & Devizes branches


Latest Archive (No. 84)

Brain's Tramway with Lilleshall locomotives


Locomotive manufacturers 

Latest Great Western Railway J.

Tyseley loco



LMS Journal









Industrial London

Railway Preservation Society of Ireland


Preservation organizations

Newcomen Society
Heritage railways

Transport Ticket Society

Newcomen Transactions

James Boyd

Glancey's Giants of steam


Author index



Irish locomotives
Great Southern
Great Northern
Northern Counties

Digital opportunities? & pain
disasters: beware Locomotive Railway Carriage and Wagon Review on demand publication, but KPJ now enjoys access to long run and can avoid such American drivel


 Pregrouping companies
Caledonian Railway
Glasgow & South Western
Great Eastern
Great North of Scotland
Great Northern
Lancashire & Yorkshire
London & North Western
London Brighton & South Coast
North British
North Eastern

 Early railway locomotives

The name indexes (below) are often helpful
Surnames beginning A-D
Surnames beginning E-J
Surnames beginning K-Q
Surnames beginning R-Z

Locomotive class index
A1X to Z1, also 0F to 9F and 68XX
Individual locomotives
Shannon and St Martin, so far
Corporate name index
Includes names like Sharp Stewart

Locomotive design


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Train Songs

Cloud anthology

Hugh Le Fleming: artist

John Knowles: Steam locomotive resistance

Adrian Tester & the 4F & more

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Train times (UK)

Cheap train tickets

Alternative service at Seat 61


Frank Jones's diaries

Greaves index of private owner wagons


Joy Diaries
Chronology of locomotive history
Reed's 150 years
John Wilson
ARLE designs
WANTED Information about W. Wells: who was he?
And qualifications of contributors to Backtrack on locomotive design



Preserved railways/Heritage railways

Bluebell Railway
Didcot Railway Centre
Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
Llangollen Steam Railway
Middleton Railway Trust
Nene Valley Railway
North Norfolk Railway
North Yorkshire Moors Railway
Scottish Railway Preservation Society
Scottish Tramway & Transport Society
Severn Valley Raiway
More informative site abut SVR
Talyllyn Railway
Towcester SMJ
West Somerset Railway Company
Watercress Line

Preservation groups

Cumbrian Railways Association
Caledonian Railway Association
Glasgow & South Western Railway Association
Highland Railway Society
North British Railway Study Group
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Association
Great Eastern Railway Society
Gresley Society
Historical Model Railway Society (HMRS)
Contains many further references to sources of information.
Industrial Railway Society
Well conceived site: in bibliographical terms this is a paradigm for what a properly organized historical organization should do as all its out-of-print journal material is available online together with sufficient details to order in-print material.
Irish Railway Preservation Society
Kidderminster Railway Museum
LMS Society
The Locomotive Club of Great Britain is self-evident in its aims
London & North Western Railway Society
London & South Western Railway
Midland Railway Association
Midland Railway Centre website
Norfolk Railway Society
North Eastern Railway Association
Contains a considerable amount of bibliographical information, which may be accessed in EXCEL or HTML.
Railway & Canal Historical Society: DOES NOT RECIPROCATE LINK
Railway Correspondence & Travel Society (RCTS)
is one of the main enthusiast bodies in Great Britain
Signalling Record Society Stephenson Locomotive Society
is the oldest (established 1909) enthusiast society
Vintage Carriages Trust & Museum
Warwickshire railways

Steam railways/locomotive projects

A1 Steam Locomotive Society
Clan Line preservation group