Locomotive operating engineers (motive power superintendents and others involved in maintenance)

Category introduced mainly because of pressure on file size, as frequently difficult to divide locomotive designers from locomotive operators

Abraham, Frederick William
Was Assistant District Superintendent Operating in 1939: promoted as Motive Power Superintendent, London Midland Region from 1 November 1948 until 1953. see Dunn Reflections  and Johnson and Long (latter gives correct initials in index and incorrect ones in table to which it refers). Abraham very active in ILocoE affairs.

Adams, W.H.
Running superintendent of the Northern Division Midland Railway resigned in 1905: Loco. Mag., 1905, 11, 166.  

Adkinson, Bernard
Assistant Motive Power Superintendent King's Cross involved in Mallard's high speed run: Eric Bannister (page 27 et seq). Noted that was District Locomotive Superintendent Norwich moved to Gorton in succession to C.B. Kirk Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 133. Moved to District Locomotive Superintendent, Doncaster Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 73.

Moved from Rugby to Nuneaton. Locomotive Mag., 1914, 20, 133

Ambler, E.M.  
District Locomotive Supt., Bescot, to District Locomotive Supt., Preston (Locomotive Mag., 1934, 40, 63) .

Andress, William Alexandra (Will)
Senior Locomotive Running Inspectot Western Region. Awarded British Empire Medal in 1963. Nock Out the line page 105 (not as per index)

Angell, P.A.
Long involvement  (from 1923) with Darlington Pupils Association and still involved with it in 1946. Former Doncaster pupil; nickname "Pa" of Raised in steam

Attwell, Charles Harold
Depot Manager at Cambridge in 1960s; previously Area Manager Llanelly Docks; shed master at Severn Tunnel Junction (1961), Three Bridges (1961?) and Weymouth (1959)

Aylwin, G.
Born c1840: enetered erecting shop in Brighton Works when aged eighteen on 8 March 1848. Worked for Craven, Stroudley and the senior Billinton which included work on the steam ships as well as locomotives and on the latter as firemen, driver and locomotive inspector. Knew Rosling Bennett see Locomotive Mag., 1926, 32, 155.

Baker, Eric H.
E. H. Baker, Assistant to the Locomotive Running Superintendent (Eastern Section) Southern Area, appointed District Locomotive Superintendent, Peterborough see Locomotive Mag., 1945, 51, 19..  Moved to District Locomotive Superintendent, Gorton (Locomotive Mag/. 1946, 52, 55) and responsible for 484 locomotives Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 73. [KPJ: this and following brought together as E.H. Baker rose to managerial heights and position within ILocoE]  Appointed Divisional Motive Power Superintendent, London Midland Region, Crewe. Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1954, 60, 81.

Barron, L.C.
Staff Assistant to Motive Power Superintendent Swindon. Locomotive Mag., 1953, 59, 100

Belcher, J.R.
In charge of four locomotives on the Southwold Railway in 1916: Locomotive Mag., 1916, 22, 120-1

Bell, James
See letter in Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 357 on limit of Johnson in Scottish locomotive design. Signs himself as "Inspector".

Binns, F.M.
Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent, Accrington: Locomotive Mag, 1946, 52, 128

Blake, W.F.
Appointed to be assistant to superintendent of motive power, Derby. Locomotive Mag., 1927, 33, 205

Blakesley, W.E.
Appointed District Locomotive Superintendent at Carnforth in 1928: see Locomotive Mag., 1928, 34, 262. District Locomotive Supt., Preston, to be District Locomotive Supt., Bescot (including Aston and Monument Lane). Locomotive Mag., 1934, 40, 63. Ssuccess in Motive Power League in 1938 (Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44,185). In 1936 moved to be District Locomotive Superintendent at Crewe, (Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 26)

Boarer, Charlie
Shedmaster Bricklayers Arms in 1950s: probably born in about 1900. Hardy Railways in the blood

Booth, A.C.
Appointed Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent at Perth (LMS) in 1947. Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 190

Bourne, Ernest Cyril
Joined ILocoE in 1921 when at Horwich (LYR). Appointed District Locomotive Superintendent at Kentish Town in 1947. Retired in 1960 as Didtrict Running & Maintenance Officer at Paddington on the Western Region. . Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 190

Brearton, Anthony [Tiggy]
Motive power apprentice at Crewe. Selected to travel on Stanier turbine llocomotive: see letter from Allan C, Baker Backtrack, 2020, 34, 62.

Briggs, J.
Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent at Edge Hill to be  District Locomotive Superintendent at Carnforth. (Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 26)

Brown, E.F. [Teddy]
Darlington Pupils Association from 1922 Raised in steam

Buckle, H.B.
District Locomotive Superintendent, Derby took over responsibility of former Burton District in 1933: Locomotive Mag., 1933, 39, 251  success in Motive Power League (still at Derby) in 1938 (Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44,185):

Bulmer, William (Willie)
Paper on standardisation presented to Darlington Former Pupils Association in 11926 and on design for an express locomotive in 1925. Elliot Raised in steam

Burge, T.F.
Appointed district locomotive. superintendent, Longsight. see Locomotive Mag., 1945, 51, 19.

Burgess, H.C.H.
Author of Working with LMS steam The author comes from a family steeped in L.N.W R. railway history. His grandfather started work at Crewe in 1866, and took part in the Anglo-Scottish races of 1895 as a top-link driver, retiring in 1922 as footplate inspector for the Crewe-Carlisle line. His father was shedmaster at Stafford from 1919 and later at the ex-L.N.W.R. shed at Swansea, where the author himself started as an apprentice fitter in 1932 - after failing the railway clerical examination, much to the disgust ofhis parents! His story is well told, sounding a clear ring of authenticity as he describes the many problems confronting steam engine fitters who were saddled with maintaining the L.N. W. type locomotives at Swansea. Later he went to Bescot and afterwards, as relief fitter in the Salop district, performed holiday relief duties at sheds in Abergavenny and Tredegar. In 1941 he transferred to the ex-L. &. Y. shed at Bolton, and went to Leighton Buzzard as fitter-in-charge before moving back to Swansea shed in 1946 as mechanical foreman. He later returned to L.&.Y. territory once more, as Chief Mechanical Foreman at Newton Heath, where he became Locomotive Shedmaster in 1960. (Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 170) notes that C.H. Burgess shed foreman at Patricroft became district locomotive superintendent at Crewe.

Cameron, C.R.
Assistant, Office of Divisional Superintendent of Operation (Motive Power), Derby, is to be District Locomotive Superintendent, Carlisle. See Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44, 284

Campbell, C. Ross
Divisional Motive Power Superintendent Crewe during 1949-51 when Keith Miles worked under him: LMS Journal, (17), 2. Nicknamed Ross Pop due to his formidable temper. William Benedict Broadbent, also encountered him (as told via Edward Talbot). The road to Holyhead. Part Two. Backtrack, 2011, 25, 598-603) and his case he recalls how he was faced with an impossible task when he had to interview an excellent driver who had accidentally damaged the track when slipping and had to report the facts to Campbell. Motive Power Superintendent Scottish Region from 1954 (Johnson and Long) and member of Railway Executive Motive Power Committee see Dunn Reflections.

Carlton, James
Shed foreman Tyseley 1910-1915. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.

Cattermole, William
Very fond of firing locomotives, especially on express pssenger trains. Chairman Eastern Region Shed Analysis Committee

Chalmers, J.M.
Appointed Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent at Inverness in 1947. Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 190

Charfield, F.J.
Died 8 May 1910 aged 86. He had been District Locomotive Superintendent at Norwich from 1856, presumably until retirement. Locomotive Mag., 1910, 16, 112

Charles, Horace Wagstaffe
Died 7 October 1957, in his 57th year: had recently been appointed District Motive Power Superintendent, Grimesthorpe,. Began his railway career as a premium apprentice at Hull, on the former Hull & Barnsley Railway in 1916. After holding positions at Immingham and Stratford as a fitter he became Mechanical Chargeman at Palace Gates in 1929, and, in 1930, at Wood Street. Charles was appointed Workshop Foreman, Doncaster, in 1931, two years later becoming Assistant Foreman Fitter at Stratford. In 1936 he went to Stockport as Running Shed Foreman, and, in the following year, was appointed Technical Assistant, Liverpool Street. An appointment as Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent, Lincoln, followed in 1938 and he remained in this position until he was transferred to March in 1942 as Acting Locomotive Depot Superintendent while the holder of the appointment was serving in H.M. forces. Early in 1946 hc reverted to the position of Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent, Lincoln, until later in the same year he was appointed Locomotive Shedmaster, March. Mr. Charles became Locomotive Shedmaster, Doncaster, in 1947. In the following year, he was appointed Assistant District Motive Power Superintendent, Colwick. He was elected Associate Member ILocoE in 1931 and he transferred to Member in 1937. ILocoE obituary. See also Beavor Steam was my calling p. 127.

Cherry, George
Shed master Boston. Beavor Steam was my calling

Chrimes, Geoffrey
Assistant District Motive Power Superintendent Chester in 1955. see Dunn Reflections.

Chrimes, T.E.
Appointed Locomotive Running Superintendent, Southern Railway in 1944 (Locomotive Mag., 1944, 50, 180), Motive Power Superintendent Southern Region  from 1948 (Johnson and Long) and member of Railway Executive Motive Power Committee see Dunn Reflections

Clayton, S.T.
Motive Power Superintendent, London Midland Region. He entered the service of the former Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway as an apprentice at Horwich Works in 1909. Among tmore recent appointments held by Clayton had been the positions of District Locomotive Superintendent, Rugby from 1940 until 1943, when he was appointed District Locomotive Superintendent, Polmadie (Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 170). In 1945, he was appointed General Assistant (Motive Power) to the Operating Manager, Northern Division, L.M.S. Glasgow, and in 1949, became District Motive Power Superintendent, Glasgow (North), Scottish Region. Later that year he was appointed Assistant Motive Power Superintendent. L.M.R., (Locomotive Mag,. 1949, 55, 55) which position he now vacates. Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1954, 60, 69. Mentioned twice by Dunn Reflections. Latterly Chief Officer Motive Power at British Railways Headquarters from 1955 Johnson and Long)

Clews, R.T.
District Locomotive Superintendent, Patricroft, to be District Locomotive Superintendent, Toton in 1934 (Locomotive Mag., 40, 63) then made Divisional Locomotive Superintendent at Toton moved to similar position at Rugby (Locomotive Mag, 1935, 41, 17). Divisional Locomotive Superintendent at Rugby in 1939: promotied to be Assistant Superintendent of Motive Power at Headquarters, LMS at Watford during WW2. see Dunn Reflections

Cobb, Allan
Botn 1882, son of a teacher at Uppingham, but educated at Shrewsbury and then a premium apprentice at Ashford on SECR. Rose to be Locomotive Running Supertintendent, Southern Railway. Retired 31 October 1944. Son, Robert and grandson, Jeremy were both career railwaymen. Allan was a skilled photographer. See Southern Way Issue 13

Cochrane, J.
District locomotive superintendent, L.M.S.R., St. Rollox, to be locomotive foreman at Dawsholm, Glasgow. See Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 404

Critchley, Robert Palmer
Born in Colombo, Ceylon, in 1899; died 30 June 1953 at his home in Uddingston. After returning to United Kingdom at an early age, he began his railway career on the former North British Railway in the motive power depot at Carlisle Canal as an apprentice engineer, and had subsequent apprenticeship training in Cowlairs main workshops. After completing his apprenticeship he went to Edinburgh (St. Margarets) as a fitter and in 1921 was appointed locomotive shed foreman at Ladybank. He subsequently held similar posts at Fort William and Perth, and in 1932 was appointed technical inspector to the locomotive running superintendent, L.N.E.R., Scottish Area, at Glasgow. In 1933 he took up the position of locomotive shed foreman at Aberdeen and in 1939 was appointed district locomotive superintendent, Burntisland. Three years later he received a similar appointment in Edinburgh and in 1943 came to Glasgow in the same capacity (see Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 173). In 1949, on the reorganisation of the Scottish Region motive power districts, Critchley was appointed district motive power superintendent, Glasgow South. Critchley’s death occurred within a few weeks after his resumption of duty from a lengthy illness, and the loss of his strong personality and wide experience in motive power matters was keenly felt in Scottish Region railway circles. He had been a founder member of the Scottish Centre since 1920, and served on the committee of that centre from 1932, being chairman during 1949 and 1950 He was elected as an Associate Member in 1920 and was transferred to full membership in 1935. J. Instn Loco. Engrs., 1953, 43, 429.

Crossley, Ernest
District Locomotive Superintendent's Assistant at Bletchley, then District Loco, Superintendent at. Edge Hill (Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 241)  District Locomotive Superintendent at Abergavenny, formerly ADLS at Bank Hall see Dunn Reflections

Darlington, T.T.
Running shed foreman Nuneaton from 2 October 1939: son of Mayor of Crewe see Dunn Reflections.

Davenport, J.
Moved from Willesden to Bank Hall presumably as district locomotive superintendent. (Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 170).

Davidson, Bill
Shed foreman Tyseley 1910-1915. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.

Davidson, Charles
Foreman at Caledonian Railway Ferryhill shed see North British Study Gp J., 2004, (93), 19

Davidson, J.F.K
Appointed District Motive Powr Superintendent Ayr District (located at Shields Road Station, Glasgow). Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 25

Davis, Phil
Shed foreman Tyseley 1910-1915. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.

Dawson, John
Was locomotive foreman at Northam depot of the London & South Western Railway; also model builder of model locomotive in the South Kensington Museum similar to the Southampton: see Locomotive Mag., 1903, 8, 122. Also credited with being the first to apply balance weights to the driving wheels of locomotives Locomotive Mag., 1903, 8, 156..

Dunbar, Alan G.
Born in Bucksburn, Aberdeen in 1902; died on 14 January 1987 following a severe stroke. Parents moved to Glasgow in about 1912 and started work in 1916 on the NBR. He attempted to get an apprenticeship at Cowlairs Works, but was turned down and had to apply to the Caledonian at St. Rollox Works. On completion he became a fitter at Balornock shed. He moved from the LMS St Rollox motive power depot to the LNER at Eastfield; transferred to Parkead as a charge hand fitter and on to Polmont as a foreman, finishing after the end of steam at Yoker signing on depot. He kept notebooks on his railway observations which are housed in the Scottish National Archive and wrote a book. Addressed Stephenson Locomotive Society in 1944. Obituary by J.F. McEwan NBR Study Group J., 1989, 37, 32. Book Cited by Lowe for providing assistance

Elliot, G. Cecil N.
Long involvement  (from 1928) with Darlington Pupils Association and Secretary of it and author of Raised in steam

Elliott, J.E.
Former district locomotive superintendent, Bournemouth, retired at the end of December 1935. Locomotive Mag, 1936, 42, 27.

Elliott, J.S.
District Locomotive Superintenden., Toton, to be District Locomotive Superintendent., Edge Hill (Locomotive Mag., 1934 40, 63). Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 213 formerly with the Divisional Superintendent of Operation at Crewe, appointed District Locomotive Superintendent, Leeds.

Ewer, Alfred Ronald
Assistant, Office of Divisional Superintendent (Motive Power), Derby, to be District Locomotive Superintendent, Willesden. See Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44, 284

Fairhead, A.E.
Running shed foreman at Northampton in 1939: attained rank of Colonel during WW2 see Dunn Reflections

Moved from Nuneaton to Shrewsbury. Locomotive Mag., 1914, 20, 133

Fish, H.G.
Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent, Doncaster promoted to be District Locomotive Superintendent. Norwich. See Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 214.

Fletcher, Donald Corbett
Born in 1882, the son of the Medical Officer of the Great Northern Railway at that time. Died 8 July 1957. He entered the service of the Great Northern Railway in June 1898 as an apprentice at King’s Cross where he served for three years before he was transferred to Doncaster. In 1906 he returned to King’s Cross as an Assistant Foreman Fitter and in August 1907 became Overlooker at Hatfield. A year later he took charge of the GN Shed at Retford and moved to Trafford Park, Manchester, in July 1912. Six months later he was appointed District Locomotive Superintendent there and remained in this position until August 1923 when he became Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent, Doncaster. Fletcher became District Locomotive Superintedent at Ardsley in July 193’2 and remained in this position until he retired on the 5th February 1947. He had been a ILoco E Member since 1918.  Obituary Jounal, 1057, 47, 450. Contributed to discussion of Kyffin paper on axleboxes

Fletcher, J.R.
Appointed acting districvt superintendent York in 1945: Locomotive Mag.,  1945, 51, 32

Ford, W.R.
Shed Foreman  Birkenhead (LMS) to be Assistant Locomotive Superintendent, Carnforth. See Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 328.

Forsyth, Thomas
In charge of Manchester locomotive depot of Liverpool & Manchester Railway in succession to Fyfe. Hooper, John. Ordsall Lane, Salford. Br Rly J., 1988 (20) 25-33. Patent: GB 35/1857 Improvements in locomotive and other steam engines. 5 January 1857. Involved as witness in John Gray vs LNWR case when locomotive foreman at Wolverton and referred to observing Gray link motion when he (which he?) was locomotive superintendent of the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway: see Trans. Newcomen Soc., 1979, 50, 139.

Foster, James
J.C. Foster: Assistant to Superintendent of Motive Power, Derby, to be Assistant to Divisional Supt. of Operation (Motive Power), Crewe. (Locomotive Mag., 1934, 40, 63). [KPJ: "J.C. and James" may be same person, but twenty years in one place was unusual: further information needed] District Motive Power Superintendent, Crewe: retired 1954. Loco. Mag., 1954, 60, 84

Fowler, G.
Died Brighton on 17 April 1911, in his 61st year. Entered the service of the L.B. & S.C.R. in 1865. For 8½ years was running-shed superintendent at Stoat's Nest. He had been appointed running-shed superintendent at Brighton in April, 1891, which post he held for more than ten years, when after a short period in the outdoor superintendent's department he was transferred to Stoat's Nest in May, 1902. There he remained until his retirement in October 1910. See Locomotive Mag., 1911, 17, 117 for obituary

Fox, R.H.
Former District Locomotive Superintendent, Leicester retired in 1933: Locomotive Mag., 1933, 39, 251 

Frampton, J.A. [Jack]
Formerly Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent, Norwich promoted to be District Locomotive Superintendent. Locomotive Mag., 1932, 38, 188. Moved to Disxtrict Locomotive Superintendent, Lincoln: : See Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 214.

Frost, F.A.
Former District Locomotive Superintendent, Burton became District Locomotive Superintendent, Leicester in 1933: Locomotive Mag., 1933, 39, 251 

Furber, V.W.
Assistant Locomotive Superintendent, Wellingborough. Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 128

Fyfe, Alexander
Foreman of the Manchester Engine Shops of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway at Ordsall Lane from 1833 until 1839: replaced by Thomas Forsyth. .Hooper, John. Ordsall Lane, Salford in  Br Rly J., 1988 (20) 25-33. Instigator of steam whistle on LMR: see Locomotive Mag., 1932, 38, 378.

Gardiner, Robert D.
According to Hardy ran Cambridge as Assistant District Motive Power Superintendent with an iron fist. R.H.N. Hardy Startford forever. Part 24. Steam Wld, 2006 (234), 38.

Inspector group photograph of mutual improvement secretaries at Derby in 1921. Locomotive Mag., 1922, 28, 57.

Geach, Lewis Cecil
Retired from Superintendent of Motive Power, Midland Division of LMS on 30 June 1927 (Rly Mag., 1927, 61, 323-4): trained as engineer with Hydraulic Engineering Co., Chester and joined Midland Railway on 3 January 1896 as a draughtsman, but moved to motive power department initially as foreman at Bromsgrove, but from January 1910 was Superintendent of Motive Power at Derby (Locomotive Mag., 1910, 16, 5). In group photograph Locomotive Mag., 1925, 31, 377. Obituary: Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 78.
Patent: GB 7511/1912 Improvements related to the lubrication of bearings. Applied 28 March 1912. Published 2 January 1913
See also Locomotive Mag., 1914, 20, 61
Also in group photograph of mutual improvement secretaries at Derby in 1921. Locomotive Mag., 1922, 28, 57.

Gearing, S.
District Locomotive Superintendent, Lincoln (LNER) died: See Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 214.

Gerrard, S.W.
Success in Motive Power League in 1938 when in charge of Longsight District   (Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44,185):

Glendinning, E.
Foreman Fitter, Polmadie, to be District Locomotive Foreman at Ardrossan (Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 241) then Locomotive foreman, St. Rollox. See Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 404

Gosford, Tom
Shed foreman Tyseley 1910-1915. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.

Greenfield, John
Photograph of man who rose from being a clerk at Stewarts Lane to Motive Power Officer of the Central Division with Driver Joe Brewerr. Steam Wld, 1993, (74) 34

Groom, I.S.W.
H.A.V. Bulleid was an experienced and co-operative running man whom Gresley promoted to GNR Running Superintendent on tthe retirement of Webster, He was also a scratch golfer and was entrusted by Gresley to deliver his notes on conjugated valve gear when Holcroft prsented his paper on the subfect in Leeds. Locomotive running supertintendent Scottish Area, LNER until 1931 then moved to similar position in Southern Area. (Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1931, 37, 142). Resigned from LNER on 31 July 1937: Locomotive Mag., 1937, 43, 267.

Hardy, Richard Harry Norman

Harper, B.H. [Brad]
Darlington Pupils Association from 1922. In September 1928 he presented Association with peper on the Sentinel Cammell steam railcar.  Elliot Raised in steam

Harris, F.W.
Assistant to the divisional locomotive superintendent, Great Western Ry., Oswestry, had been appointed divisional superintendent, Oswestry, as from October 1932. Locomotive Mag., 1932, 38, 370.

Harvey, D.W.

Harvey, R.F.
Harvey joined the Midland Rly. in 1908 as an apprentice at Derby. Moved from District Locomotive Superintendent, Edge Hill, to be Assistant Divisional Superintendent of Motive Power, Manchester in 1934 (Locomotive Mag., 40, 63). Assistant Supt. of Motive Power, Euston, to Assisting Operating Manager, Glasgow. (Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44, 363). Head of motive power in Scotland on LMS (see Bond Lifetime). Paper: Modernisation of a large motive power depot, Polmadie, Scottish Region. J. Instn Loco. Engrs., 1951, 41, 191-226. Disc.: 226-61. (Paper No. 500). Chairman of Railway Executive Motive Power Committee see Dunn Reflections

Head, John
Born in 1863. Joined South Eastern Railway at Bricklayers' Arms as a cleaner on 31 March 1878; passed as a fireman in 1881 and as a driver in 1889. Promoted to locomotive inspector in 1900. Placed in charge of  Bricklayers' Arms depot in 1901. Moved to Battersea in 1912 and on formation of the Southern Railway the Brighton depot at Battersea Park was included in his responsibilities. Finally Coulsdon and West Croydon were added shortly before retirement on 31 October 1929 as district locomotive superintendent. Locomotive Mag., 1929, 35, 372. Includes portrat. Probable ILocoE contribution on virtue of superheated steam and his mehod of refering to boiler capacity.

Higgins, Sam
Shed foreman Tyseley 1910-1915. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.

Horne, George F.
.Became ILocoE member when at Longmoor as Royal Engineer in 1918. Appointed to be district locomotive superintendent's assistant at Newton Heath. Locomotive Mag., 1927, 33, 205. Moved from Bank Hall to Toton presumably as district locomotive superintendend: (Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 170).

Hough, J.A.
Shedmaster Wrexham (former Wrexham Mold & Connah's Quay) in 1954: see Dunn Reflections p.164

Howard, F.L.
Shed master Southern Railway. Contributed to discussion of Paper 443

Hughes, H.
District Locomotive Superintendent at Carnforth to be  District Locomotive Superintendent at Bescot. (Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 26)

Hulme, J.W.
Retirement (Locomotive Mag., 1932, 38, 295 includes portrait) from post of district locomotive superintendent at Nottingham (Colwick) after more than 50 years service. Born in Lincolnshire; began apprenticeship at Gorton in 1881; on completion moved to running department. In charge at Chester in 1890; Southport 1897; Stockport 1898; Liverpool 1900; Neasden 1907; Annesley 1916 and appointed as district locomotive superintendent at Nottingham on 1 January 1924 when GC and GN activities were merged. Keenly interested in ambulance work and in the Railway Convalescent Homes. He had been responsible for fitting up the first automatic brake ejector.

Hurt, Edward Norman Richard
Died 25 January 1924. Second son of Canon Hurt, Rector of Bradfield, Berkshire, and formerly vicar of Sandal, near Wakefield. Educated at Wakefield Grammar School, then served an apprenticeship at the Great Northern Railway Locomotive Works, Doncaster. He then gained experience in the running sheds at Doncaster. From there he obtained an appointment in the Locomotive Department of the L & Y. Railway as Assistant to the Locomotive Superintendent, Newton Heath, afterwaids being promoted as an Assistant in the Outdoor Locomotive Department, Horwich, on experiments, fcllowing which he held appointments as District Locomotive Superintendent at Lower Darwen Locomotive Shed, near Blackburn, and Locomotive Shed, Sandhills, near Liverpool, eventualIy being appointed on 1 April, 1912, Second Assistant to the Motive Power Superintendent, Horwich. He joined the Institution as a Member on 20 January, 1919, and in February, 1919, he became the first Secretary of the Manchester Centre, but resigned that office in May, 1921. ILocoE obituary.

Hutchison, R.
Running Inspector, Operating Manager's Office, Glasgow, to be Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent, Polmadie. Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1937, 43, 363.

Inglis, Hugh
In service of the North British Ry. for forty years, retired from the position of chief of the locomotive running department in 1920. See Locomotive Mag., 1920, 26, 44

Jagger, Thomas
Locomotive superintendent of the Southern division, Highland Railway. Died at Perth on 6 March 1908: Jagger was in his seventy-eighth year, and one of the oldest servants of the Highland Ry. He joined the Invernesss & Nairn Railway at Inverness in 1855. Locomotive Mag, 1908, 14, 60.

Jeffrey, A.
Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent,Carlisle Kingmoor appointed 1946 Loco. Mag., 1946, 52, 93

Jesper, Leslie
.Early involvement  (1923) with Darlington Pupils Association. Elliot Raised in steam

Jones, C.H.
Running superintendent of the Southern Division Midland Railway resigned in 1905: Loco. Mag., 1905, 11, 166.  

Jones, David
Retired, aged 65, on 12 February 1932: locomotive inspector LNWR and LMS: friend of J.M. Dunn.

Jones, Tom
Shed foreman Tyseley 1910-1915. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.

Kerry, H.G.
See Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 24.  Assistant Divisional Locomotive Superintendent Cardiff moved to Old Oak Common to similar post. Assistant. Division. Locomotive. Superintendent at Old Oak Common. to Outdoor Assistant C.M.E.. Swindon; (Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 234) Motive Power Superintendent Western Region in 1954 and member of Railway Executive Motive Power Committee see Dunn Reflections Not listed thus in Johnson and Long

Killan, W.
Move from Staveley to Devons Road as district locomotive superintendent. (Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 170).

Kinsman, Oscar Edward
Joined ILocoE when working for LNWR at Birmingham in 1920. Appointed to be motive power staff section, Derby. Locomotive Mag., 1927, 33, 205. Retired as Divisional Motive Power Superintendent, London Midland Region, Derby. ILocoE Member from 1919..

Knapman, J.A.W.
Assistant Locomotive Superintendent, Kentish Town. Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 128. Appointed District Locomotive Superintendent at Longsightl in 1947. Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 190

Knight, Danny
Chief locomotive inspector on the Southern Railway/Region: involved in working Merchant Navy Pacific on Western Region from Plymouth to London which involved slipping a coach at Reading and his Cockney humour on seeing a diesel parcels car as they approached Paddington: "Blimey we must have been going at Reading. Here's our slip coach just arrived!" ((Nock Out the line). Photograph with No. 34088 213 Squadron at Stewarts Lane prior to running light to Portsmouth to haul the Emperror of Abyssinia to Victoria  to meet the Queen.. Steam Wld, 1991 (53) 6,

Knight, Frank
Running inspector at Kings Cross. Moved to Australia. Chapter 12 of Peter Townend LNER Pacifics remembered.

Land, W.
.Appointed to be assistant to superintendent of motive power, chief general superintendent's office, Crewe. Locomotive Mag., 1927, 33, 205

Laverick, Charles Henry
Born in Harrogate on 4 April 1858; died 20 October 1937. He served his apprenticeship on the M.S. & L R. and joined the Great Northern Rly. in 1886 as a fitter at Bradford. In 1891 he was transferred to Ardsley locomotive shed as a foreman. In 1900 he became District Locomotive Superintendent. at Grantham, and in 1903 at Colwick (Nottingham). In this capacity he remained until December, 1923, when he retired on reaching the age limit. He was a man of kindly disposition and much respected by his staff. On his retirement he went to live at Donnington, near Spalding, where he took a great interest in church work, becoming a member of the Church Council; his other interest being gardening. He  was elected to ILoco E. in 19I7. Obituary: J. Instn Loco. Engrs., 1937, 27, 814.

Legg, W.J.
Moved from running shed foreman at Nuneaton to Shrewsbury in 1939, see Dunn Reflections District Locomotive Superintendent, Bletchley: Locomotive Mag, 1946, 52, 128

Leonard, Fred
Shed foreman Tyseley 1910-1915. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.

Lenox, Adrew G. [Andy]
Member of Darlington Pupils Association since 1931 Raised in steam

Lipscombe, Herbert Nicholson
Midland Railway: on initial committee of Manchester Centre of ILocoE in 1919.

Longley, I. Vernon
Before retirement had become District Locomotive Superintendent Newcastle. Secretary Newcastle ILocoE centre. Elliot Raised in steam

Lord, Thomas
Died 29 March 1908: district locomotive superintendent of the Furness Railway at Carnforth. Thomas. Lord was 64 years of age, and had been in the employ of Furness Railway at Barrow-in-Furness and Carnforth for a period of upwards of 30 years. Loco. Mag., 1903, 8, 318..

Lovatt, John James
ILocoE member in 1924 when at Shildon. He was on the Newcastle ILocoE Committee in 1945 and according to Elliot Raised in steam he was under the Running Superintendent at York and was particularly concerned with the placing and training of young pupils and "was not only an extremely knowledgeable locomotive engineer, but a wise councillor and firm friend of the younger men coming on who loved locomotives and meant to devote their lives to them".

Lund, Geoffrey Harold Keith
Shedmaster Edinburgh Haymarket (Bulleid on Bulleid). Author of paper on breakdown equipment (Paper 493). Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1955, 61, 186 noted Assistant District Motive Power Superintendent, Edinburgh, to be Assistant (Motive Power), Research Department in late 1955. Assistant to Chief Officer, Motive Power, British Transport Commission in 1955.

Luttrell, G.S.
Former Assistant District Motive Power Superintendent Glasgow South moved to District Motive Power Superintendent, Thornton. Loco Mag., 1955, 61, 198

McCrae, J.M.
District locomotive foreman, Forfar, to be locomotive. foreman Ardrossan. See Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 404

Maclaren, G.B.  
St. Margaret's Works, Edinburgh, to be district locomotive superintendent of the Southern and Eastern section; Locomotive Mag., 1910, 16, 112

McLean, R.H.
Assiistant District Locomotive Superintendent, Rugby from 1943, see Dunn Reflections. See also Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 97. where R.H. McClean. Assistant, Motive Power Department, Euston had been appointed Assistant (Diesel).

Mason, H.H.
Appointed Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent at Crewe (North) in 1947. Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 190

Micklethwaite, Norman
Beavor Steam was my calling p. 92

Miles, Keith
Died in 2015 (Backtrack, 2018, 32, 500). Contributor to LMS Journal: most of the articles are semi-autobiographical: see especially 17, page 2 with portrait. Trained at St. Rollox. Associated with Rowsley mpd.

Miller, G.W.
Appointed assistant district locomotive superintenden at Bank Hall  in 1936 (formerly running shed foreman at Preston Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 163: appointed District Locomotive Superintendent at Skipton in 1947. Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 190

Minty, Albert George
A.G. Minty, assistant district locomotive superintendent, Newcastle had been appointed acting district locomotive superintendent, Sunderland. Locomotive Mag., 1944, 50, 92. District locomotive superintendent, Hull Locomotive Mag.,  1945, 51, 32. Subsequently rose to be District Motive Power Superintendent, British Railways, London Midland Region, Willesden. Involved in activities of ILocoE.

Mitchell, T.F.
Assistant district locomotive superintendent. L.M.S.R., Bank Hall, had been appointed assistant, office of supt. of motive power, Euston, and was succeeded at Bank Hall by G.W, Miller, running shed foreman at Preston (Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 163). Had progressed to District Locomotive Superintendent Plaistow, then Wakefield (see Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 11)

Moffat, Normand (Norrie)
Keith Miles worked with Normand (Norrie) Moffat at Corkerhill in 1946. He enjoyed unofficial footplate trips on trains to Ardrossan, but had to hide when train passed K.R.M. Cameron's back garden. Norrie became running foreman at Ayr. See LMS Journal, (35) 38

Moore, E.S.
In charge of locomotive running on Southern Railway Brighton Section reporting to A.D. Jones  locomotive running suoperintendent: appointment see Locomotive Mag., 1923, 29, 320.

Morris, R.C.
.Appointed to be district locomotive superintendent's assistant at Devons Road, Bow. Locomotive Mag., 1927, 33, 205

Morris, Walter
Shed foreman Tyseley 1910-1915. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.

Mugliston, W.L.
District Locomotive Superintendent Midland Railway at Normanton (formerly of Lancaster) in succession to E. Talbot Locomotive Mag., 1906, 12, 18. Rose to become Superintendent of the Line: Flann. Backtrack, 2010, 24, 646.

Naylor, William
Correspondence between Naylor and Gooch concerning E.B. Wilson 2-2-2T as modified at Norwich!. Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44, 261..District Locomotive Superintendent at Norwich until 1856 Locomotive Mag., 1910, 16, 112

Nelson, G.H.
Divisional Locomotive Superintendent at Patricroft to similar position at Accrington (Locomotive Mag, 1935, 41, 17).

Nicol, Irving
Probably LNER motive power man. See Backtrack, 2018, 32, 500; Backtrack, 29, 445; Backtrack, 2000, 14, 370 ; Steam Days, 2012, August

Niven, Malcolm M.
Letter writer to Locomotive Mag. Lived in Hillhead Road, Cardonald and therefore probably formerly associated with Glasgow & South Western Railway: letter on plea to LMS to preserve a Stirling GSWR 4-4-0 (therefore: not an LMS employee and what a no hope cause) letter on lubrication, 32, 204 and on expansive working noting D.K. Clark and Caprotti poppet valve gear.

Noble, Archie
Probably a clerk in Edinburgh motive power department.  See letters on Longniddry accident. NBRSG Journal, 2009 (105), 38

Notter, Ernest Frederic Stanhope
Died 21 September 1927 in the North Middlesex Hospital, when sixty-eight years of age. He commenced work on the railway at Doncaster when he was eighteen. From there he went to Colwick where he had charge of the locomotive department for the Nottingham district, and thence to King's Cross, from which he retired in 1924.: he had been locomotive superintendent of the London district of the Great Northern Ry. for twenty-five years. Notter was deeply interested in engineering which, in addition to being his work, was his hobby, and he was a very clever model engineer. Obituary Locomotive Mag., 1927, 33, 308
Appointed district locomotive superintendent of the GNR at King's Cross See Locomotive Mag., 1905, 11, 75 and Locomotive Mag., 1916, 22, 217. Retirement (after 48 years railway service) see Locomotive Mag., 1924, 30, 196.
Patent: GB 19002/1910 Improvements in means for preventing the ejection of sparks or live cinders from locomotives. Applied  12 August 1908. Published 2 February 1911

Oakes, George
District Running Superintendent, Doncaster, previously at Retford. Eric Bannister (page 13) encountered him at Black Carr. Member ILocoE

O'Hara, D.
Success in Motive Power League in 1938 when in charge of Wakefield District   (Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44,185) Retired end 1942 (Locomotive Mag, 1943, 49, 11)

Paterson, Walter
Born 15 June 1879 at Blackrod (near Chorley Junction) and entered the service of the former L. & Y. Railway at Horwich Works in 1892 as an office boy in the accountants' office. After completing his apprenticeship in 1899 he held many positions in the running department including being assistant to superintendent of motive power, Derby (Locomotive Mag., 1927, 33, 205) until his appointment as Assistant Divisional Superintendent of Operations at Crewe in February 1936, which position he held until his retirement on 31 December 1939. He was elected ILocoE member on 24 November 1917 and took a keen interest in the affairs of the Institution. In 1918 he gained an Institution prize for his Paper "District supervision of the locomotive department of a British Railway," (Paper 64) and in 1925 published A manual of locomotive running shed management in collaboration with Mr. Harry Webster. He was highly active in vocational training of enginemen and in 1923 was presented with a gold watch and chain as a mark of appreciation and esteem by the men's representative. He was a keen golfer and in 1937 and 1938 won prizes in the Institution's Golf Competitions, He died from a heart attack on 1 December 1949. Retirement recorded in Locomotive Mag., 1940, 46, 16: During WW1 he was District Locomotive Superintendent at Blackpool where refugee Belgian fitters were employed and later in WW1 when DLS at Low Moor he was in charge of 90 female workers. He was associated with Enginemen's Mutual Improvement Classes. Contributed to discussion of Topham ILocoE paper. Joint article with H.C. Webster on breakdown train equipment in Locomotive Mag., 1920, 26, 11. Walter Paterson was briefly mentioned by Rivington's My life with locomotives.

Peach, N.R.
Forenames may be: Norman Russell in which case he had worked for Ceylon Government Railway prior to WW2. District Locomotive Superintendent, Kentish Town appointed 1946 Loco. Mag., 1946, 52, 93: District Motive Power Superintendent, Crewe from 1 May 1954: formerly in Assistant position. Loco. Mag., 1954, 60, 84

Peet, Howard Augustus
Born on 16 May 1900; died suddenly on 11th June 1949. Elected an associate member of ILocoE in 1928 and transferred to full member in 1934. He was educated at Brighton House Private School, Bristol, and Wycliffe College Stonehouse, Gloucester. He commenced his engineering career in 1917 in the locomotive shops of the Midland Railway at Bristol as a privileged apprentice and later was transferred to Derby shops. He spent 21 months with H.M. Forces and on return in 1922 was sent to Saltley shed as an improver. In 1924 he was made running shed foreman at Keighley and two years later transferredl to Skipton. He had similar appointments at Saltley and Toton and in 1937 was transferred to Plaistow (located Devon's Road) as assistant district locomotive superintendent. In 1943 he moved to Willesden as assistant D.L.S. (Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 170). until transferred to Derby in 1945 as assistant to the divisional superintendent of operation. His last appointment was as D.L.S., Plaistow, in January 1948 Obit  J. Instn Loco. Engrs., 1949, 39, 388.

Petty, Frank Hodgson
Joined ILocoE in about 1927. Motive Power Superintendent North Eastern Region from 1948 (Johnson and Long) and member of Railway Executive Motive Power Committee see Dunn Reflections

Phillips, G.
Running shed foreman Corkerhill to be district locomotive foreman Ayr (Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 26)

Phillips, J.W.
Assistant. Office of the Divisional Superintendent. of Operation. Derby. to be District Locomotive. Superintendent, Shrewsbury (Locomotive Mag., 1939, 45, 221) in 1939, see Dunn Reflections. District Locomotive Superintendent, Derby: Locomotive Mag, 1946, 52, 128

Pigg, Robert Henry
Born in May, 1882, he died  2 August 1938, aged 56. Educated at York and served his engineering apprenticeship at the North Eastern Railway. workshops at York and Gateshead between 1896 and 1903. For the next ten years he was employed in the Gateshead Repair Shops and the Machine Tool Building and Repair Shops, after which he was appointed locomotive shed foreman at Northallerton. He was later moved to Newport (Middlesbrough) as the assistant. In 1916 he joined the Royal Engineers, being given the rank of 1st Class Warrant Officer and sent to Richborough. Upon his discharge in April, 1919, he returntd to his old appointment at Newport and, in 1921, was made locomotive shed master. For a time he was shed superintendent at Suntierland and, when the amalgamation with the Hull and Barnsley lily. took place, he was sent to Hu!l as foreman. In 1935 he was made District Locomotive Supt. at Darlington and, at the beginning of 1938 transferred to Hull in a similar capacity. elected a Member in 1922. Obituary  J. Instn Loco. Engrs., 1938, 28, 504

Preece, John
Shed foreman Tyseley 1909/10; previously at Bordsley. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.

Prentice, H.G.
Success in Motive Power League in 1938 when in charge of Motherwell District   (Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44,185): Retired in 1943 (H.C. not H.G.?) (Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49,170):

Shedmaster at Bournnemouth at time of accident in 1955. Southern Way, 2011 (13), 61

Purser, E.H.
Former chief locomotive inspector of the L.B. & S.C. Railway, died 25 February 1934, aged 73. Purser joined the Brighton Railway at the age of 14 and became fireman, driver and finally chief locomotive inspector of the Southern Railway. He served under five chief mechanical engineers, W. Stroudley, R. J. Billinton, D. E. Marsh, L. Billinton, and R. E. L. Maunsell. He was the first driver to have the 4-6-2 tank engines Nos. 325 and 326 Abergavenny and Bessborough , and handled the latter for several years. After 51 years on the railway, Purser retired in August 1926. Locomotive Mag., 1934, 40, 125.

Railton, J.S.P.
At 1946 Dinner of Darlington Pupils Association and in photograph of. Elliot Raised in steam. on p. 89.

Reynolds, D.C.I.
Running shed foreman at Coventry in 1939: attained rank of Colonel during WW2 see Dunn Reflections

Richardson, John James
Retirement recorded Loco. Mag., 1916, 22, 15: (29 December 1915). He worked at Battersea locomotive depot for 48½ years, latterly as District Locomotive Superintendent and was associated with working Royal Trains and the run to Brighton in 48 minutes. He was Honourary Secretary of the George Stephenson Centenary Celebration at Crystal Palace on 6 June 1881 His father Albany had worked on the London to Croydon atmospheric railway..

Riches, C.J.
Appointed Divisional Locomotive Superintendent, Cardiff Valleys, GWR. Locomotive Mag., 1922, 28, 228

Robinson, John Eric
Born Crewe 7 March 1902; eldest son of John Robinson, assistant chief electrical engineer of the LNWR. Apprentiuced at Willesden Junction from 1919. Worked as a fitter at Llandudno Junction from 1925-1945; Rhyl From 1945-9; Sowerby Bridge from 1948-52 and was in charge of Mold Junction from 1952. His son's Dad had an engine shed says it all,  including the dreadful working conditions, the miserable salary, and how this affected his mother's health. Father was great friend of Max Dunn. He died on 24 January 1967.

Rogerson, A.W.F.
District Locomotive Superintendent, Hasland to similar position at Cricklewood (Locomotive Mag., 1935, 41, 17) District Locomotive Superintendent, Leeds (LMS) retired in 1946: Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 93.,

Scott, D.D.
District Locomotive Superintendent,Plaistow: appointed in 1946: Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 93.,

Scott, D.W.
Assistant. Office of Supt. of Motive Power. Euston, to be Assistant District Locomotive. Superintendent. Leeds.

Sheppy, D.
Divisional Locomotive Running Superintendent, Eastern Division, Southern Railway: Annual Dinner. Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44, 70

Shorto, Edward Herbert Charles
Latterly Coal/Fuel Supplies Office at Derby. Joined ILocoE in 1930; resigned from in 1961. Also Member IMechE. Interest in historical locomotive photographs: see mention in letter in Locomotive Mag., 1949, 55, 30.

Silver, Herbert Ruse
Born in East Anglia. Died 21 January 1951. Joined Great Northern Railway in 1896, entering the locomotive department at Doncaster having served his apprenticeship with Neilson Reid & Co., Glasgow. He was appointed Locomotive Foreman, Ardsley in 1901, and Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent, Hornsey, in January 1907, and in July of the same year, Chief Assistant to the District Locomotive Superintendent, Kings Cross. He became District Locomotive Superintendent, West Riding District in 1917, and in 1932 took up a similar appointment in the Nottingham District, where he remained until retiring in January 1941. ILocoE obituary,  Journal, 1951, 41, 272.

Simpson, Jack
District Motive Power Superintendent, London Tilbury & Southend Section; formerly shed master Staveley. Beavor Steam was my calling p. 109.

Skinner, Walter Malcolm
Killed in the Castlecary accident which occurred in a snowstorm on 10 December 1937. Born in North Wales in 1900 and received his early education at the Shawland Academy, Glasgow. He commenced his engineering apprenticeship with the Caledonian Automobile Services, Ltd., in 1916. In 1918 he joined the Royal Flying Corps as a fitter, returning in 1919 to complete his apprenticeship. From 1921 to 1929 he gained considerable experience in the maintenance of steam and petrol commercial vehicles whilst in charge of Clarkston's Garage. Joined the Running Department of L.N.E.R., at Glasgow, in 1929, as a fitter he was subsequently made a Brake Inspector. ILocoE obituary

Smith, J.L.
Shedmaster at Grantham: Chapter 11 in Peter Townend. LNER Pacifics remembered.

Somers, Arthur John [Jack}
Technical Assistant at Liverpool Street; formerly Assistant DMPS at Peterborough. Chapter 13 in Peter Townend. LNER Pacifics remembered: experience of all types of A2 at New England: all fitted with Kylchap double chimneys and very powerful and steamed well; capable of hauling Cliffe to Uddingston cement train. All very poor riders, especially No. 60505. Far more problems with valve gear than with Gresley locomotives. Loose weighbar shaft arms and overheating of middle eccentric.

Spencer, R.I.
Assistant Motive Power Superintendent, North Eastern Region (Locomotive Mag., 1948, 54, 165): it is possible that this and the following may be the same person.

Spencer, R.J.
From Assistant in Office of Superintendent of Motive Power Euston to be Assistant District Locomotive Superintendent at Edge Hill. (Locomotive Mag., 1936, 42, 26)

Stanier, William M.
Son of Sir William Stanier: mentioned and portrayed in Chacksfield's biography (Sapper Captain page 144): date of birth not given. When Roger Lloyd (Railwaymen's gallery page 144 et seq) visited Crewe to see how it functioned he found that the Actimg District Motive Power Superintendent was William M. Stanier. May have resided in Duffield, latterly.

Stedman, Charles H.
Assistant to Smeddle on LNER at York See Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1926, 32, 40'. Subsequently,. Stedman appointed locomotive running superintendent for the North Eastern area of the L. & N.E. Ry (Locomotive Mag., 1931, 37, 252).  Stedman had entered the G.E. Ry, service at Stratford in 1900, and on completing his apprenticeship acted as locomotive inspector for four years. He was then appointed to take charge at Parkeston, and afterwards transferred to Norwich as assistant district locomotive superintendent. After serving on several special reorganisation committees in 1914 he became chief assistant to. F.V. Russell, then superintendent of operation. In 1923 Stedman became assistant running superintendent, LNER Southern area, and at the beginning of 1926 was appointed to a similar position for the North Eastern area.

Stephenson, H.J.
Formerly at Gateshead:  moved to be Assistant to Smeddle on LNER at York See Loco. Rly Carr. Wagon Rev., 1926, 32, 40' Contrtibuted to discussion on Kyffin paper on axleboxes

Stevens, Joseph (Joe)
Shedmaster Truro when 4566 Group formed. Great Western Rly J., 2016, 13, 93.

Street, Jack
British Railways Boiler Inspector at Crewe, 1953-1970. See review of Hewison book on boiler explosions. Railway Wld, 1983, 44, 317

Talbot. E.
District Locomotive Superintendent Midland Railway London in succession to R. Weatherburn; was formerly DLS at Normanton. Locomotive Mag., 1906, 12, 18.

Talbot, Eric Austin
Elected to ILocoE in 1037. Appointed District Locomotive Superintendent at Saltley in 1947 (formerly at Bolton). Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 190

Talbot, R.
Premium apprentice at Doncaster killed in Grantham accident whilst firing an Ivatt Atlantic. Friend of O.V.S. Bulleid: see son's biography.

Tandy,  T.
District. Loco. Supt., SaItley, to be Assist. Supt. of Motive Power, Euston.

Taylor, R.
Started at Darlington in 1919; retired as District Motive Power Superintendent at Leeds. Experienced Raven Pacifics and Gresley Pacifics including their use on Settle and Carlisle line. Chapter 3 in Peter Townend. LNER Pacifics remembered: .

Thompson, R.  
O.B.E., Divisional Motive Power Superintendent, L.M.R., Manchester to be Assistant Motive Power Officer. Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 50

Thornewell, W.T.
Died in Australia where he had retired in 1976. Worked as an engine rider to assess quality of track: see Rough ride to Leicester in Railway Wld., 1976, 37, 484 and Tunnels—the inside story. Rly Wld Annual, 1976, 112

Tildesley, R.,
Formerly district motive power superintendent Rugby moved to similar post at Willesden . Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 159.

Todd, A.M.
Appointed District Locomotive Superintendent at Bank Hall in 1947. Locomotive Mag., 1947, 53, 190

Tolley, H.
Inspector in group photograph of mutual improvement secretaries at Derby in 1921. Locomotive Mag., 1922, 28, 57.

Turnbull, W.N.
Assistant to Operating Superintendent (Passenger Trains) Eastern Region was to be Operating Assistant. See Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 97.

Udell, A.
District Locomotive Superintendent, Blackpool: Locomotive Mag, 1946, 52, 128

Vaughan, William
Born Cambridge on 30 December 1864; died 2 May 1929. Commenced his career in 1878 at the works of Samuelson & Co., General Engineers,Banbury. In 1880 he joined the London and South Western Railway at Nine Elms as an engine cleaner, and in 1883 he was passed as a fireman. In 1892 he was promoted to driving, and in 1898 went to Rhodesia as a locomotive inspector during the construction of the Mashonaland Railway, but a serious accident led to jis return to England in 1900. In 1905 he rejoined the London and South Western Railway, where, upon the recommendation of Dugald Drummond, he was appointed locomotive inspector at Salisbury, and remained there until 1907, when he was transferred to Strawberry Hill as locomotive foreman, subsequently being placed in charge of the up-to-date running shed at Feltham, which position he held at the time of his death. Vaughan was elected a member of the Institution in February, 1913, and later was elected to the Council, where he remained for some few years. The deceased was n man of many activities. He was a member of the local Council and a well-known Freemason, Vaughan had seven sons, six of whom were employed on the Southern Railway, and another one with the Beira and Mashonaland Railway. Contributed to discussion on ILocoE Paper 79

Vincent, J.E.
Doncaster pupil whon became involved with Darlington Pupils Association in 1935? Elliot Raised in steam

Vipond, E.J.  
M,B.E., M.C., Assistant to Operating Superintendent, E. & N.E. Regions to be Assistant Operating Officer. Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 50

Walkley, Harold
Foreman fitter at Aberbeeg; previously fitter at Brecon Road, Abergavenny. See Railway Wld., 1983, 44, 318

Watson, Ernest Charles
Assistant Superintendent, Motive Power, Derby. Locomotive Mag., 1946, 52, 128

Webster, H.C.
Author of ILocoE Paper 61 on arrangement of enginemen's duties when on CME's staff at Stratford, GER and article on breakdown train equipment (with W. Paterson) in Locomotive Mag., 1929, 26, 11 Also author of several general railway books

Weeden, George A.
Motive Power Officer, Southern Region see R.H.N. Hardy Life

Weston,  G.
After over fifty-seven years' service with the South Eastern and Chatham Railway, Weston retired at the end of 1921. He started at Bricklayers Arms as a signal lad in August, 1864, when aged eleven; then became  a shunter, and in 1869 was transferred to the locomotive department. For seven years he served as a fireman, fourteen years as a driver, and for over thirty as a locomotive foreman. As a driver he was one of the first to work a train through the old Greenwich station, when the line was cut through to Charlton and Woolwich in 1878. A few years later he was driving on the main line, and on several occasions had distinguished personages as passengers. In 1889 he was chosen by Jas. Stirling to go to Paris to run the S.E.R. engine, No. 240, in the trials which took place on the P.L.M. Ry. main line between Paris and Laroche. These trials took place in 1889 and 1890 and were very successful, a speed of 78¾ miles per hour being attained. Weston was then promoted to take charge of Bricklayers Arms sheds, and a few months later to Charing Cross, then to Cannon Street. On the completion of the new sheds at Slades Green in 1899, Weston was put in charge It was about this time the amalgamation of the South Eastern and Chatham Railways took place, and Weston was sent to Redhill Junction to take charge of the district, which position he has held for over twenty years. Weston served under eight General Managers and six Locomotive Superintendents. Locomotive Mag., 1922, 28, 57

White, H.E.A.
Appointed District Motive Power Superintendent Bristol (Western Region): Locomotive Mag., 1953, 59, 100 and of the Western Region Locomotive Mag., 1954, 60. 111.

White, R.
Appointed District Locomotive Superintendent Motherwell: Locomotive Mag., 1943, 49, 170. Assistant Divisional Superintendent of Motive Power, Glasgow, to be District Locomotive Superintendent, Saltley Locomotive Mag., 1938, 44, 363. District Motive Power Superintendent, Ayr (H.Q. Shields Road, Glasgow), British Railways (Scottish Region), retired on 31 December 1954..See Locomotive Mag., 1955, 61, 111

Whittle, B.
In charge of locomotive running on Southern Railway South Western section (at Eastleigh) reporting to A.D. Jones locomotive running suoperintendent: appointment see Locomotive Mag., 1923, 29, 320.

Williams, Harry
Shed foreman Tyseley 1910-1915. Great Western Rly J., 2014, 12, 81.